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“Musical” Paddocks

2010 foal watch update
Today we played the first musical paddocks for the herd for this year.
We moved the three geldings, S. Celestial Array, S. Explorer, and S. Fieldstone.
Then we moved S. Sophisticated Lady (Sophie), and Triagn Smooth Sailing (CeCe).
Then we moved Coeur d’Alene (Alene) and Reggie’s Black Rose.
All to give Playday Rebecca (Becca), NEJ Golddust Emma, and NEJ Golddust Alice, the 2010 broodmares, each a separate paddock for the remainder of their pregnancies.
By “we”, I mean that we discussed the plan, I authorized it…and Elizabeth, Michael, Tim P., and Amber implemented it. Thank you to all of them for the terrific job that they did!
There’ll be several more moves this Spring…
Emma and Becca are both “bagging up”, which means that their milk is coming along for the foals arrival. Both of them have had a few foals, so their udders fill easier than the first time that they foaled.
Elizabeth says that Becca seems further along than Emma. For those of you guessing…it could be anytime and either of them could be first to foal in 2010.


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