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Liberty Classic Horse Show


The Liberty Classic Horse Show starts tomorrow at the Tri-State Fairgrounds in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Actually, it is after midnight…so it starts today (Friday)

There will be several fine Morgan Horses on display in classes there. As well as horses of other nice breeds.

Some of our Morgan Horses will be on display. Plus, people will be here at the farm too, for the horses, organically raised plants at the greenhouse, and the antique shop.

Come support the fine exhibitors; and come out and enjoy the scenery at the farm. Sleipnir Ocoee is in with some of the other horses now…and Sleipnir Double Feature is getting ready to join him. They are so cute. We cannot wait for Echo and Alice’s foal also.

Frank Farner has his 2009 Echo gelding at the showgrounds with Dawn Krenner’s stable…so you can see Echo’s Get in both places.

Either way it will be alot of fun!

For further information go to:www.LibertyClassicHorseShow.com


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