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2010 UT Extension Fun on the Farm Day for First Graders in Polk County.

Friday, May 14th was this year’s date for the first grade classes to attend Fun on the Farm. Last year the UT Extension service hosted about 200 first graders, plus many other members of their families.

Reggie’s Black Rose, a black morgan mare, traveled from the farm down to Benton, TN for the big day. Rose, who had been a trail horse in the high desert of Arizona, was happy to meet the first graders and their families, and receive carrots. You can see her picture  in the Mares photo gallery, in the public section of the farm photos.

This year, we brought a different morgan horse, one of our geldings, born here in Polk County. Sleipnir Celestial Array and Sleipnir Explorer have been off the farm for horse shows. So, Sleipnir Fieldstone, a 4 year old gelding, was the choice of the year for attending the Big Event.  He was a fan favorite as a two year old, at our Autumn Open Barn event.

According to the American Morgan Horse Association, http://www.morganhorse.com, a registered Morgan is the result of breeding two registered Morgan horses. All Morgans today trace to the stallion Justin Morgan, foaled in 1789, who was originally known by the name “Figure.”

Figure, belonged to a travelling music instructor, Justin Morgan. Figure could work all day hauling timber and do it better than the bigger draft horses and then win most of the races home from work. He was gentle enough for the farmer’s wife to hook up to the wagon to go to market, and he was fancy driving the family to church on Sunday. His descendents include ancestors of the Tennessee Walking Horse, the Saddlebred and the Standardbred. Morgan Horses were the primary horse of the cavalry for settling the West, because they willingly go all day for their humans and are very easy keepers.

Look at the hone page for a story about Fieldstone’s trip to Fun on the Farm Day, and a link to further photos of this Event.


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