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He’s a chestnut colt

Alice has her foal.  He is a veryyyy long legged chestnut colt.  He is healthy, nursing, and friendly.

Probably his name is Sleipnir Resonance. 

We have also had the suggestion of Reverberance,

This is it for foals this year.  So far, we have not bred any mares for next year.  I doubt if we will now…slim possibility.

I don’t like to have foals born too early in the spring…or too far in to the summer.  The ice can be bad, or the mud, in early spring; and the heat can be dehydrating in the summer.  We do not usually show foals or yearlings, so their mid-spring birthdates are ok.

Alice and her little fellow will have their own paddock for awhile.  Eventually, they’ll be out with Emma and S. Ocoee and Becca and S. Double Feature.

Pictures to follow.  We’ll let you know when we have some up to view!!


One thought on “He’s a chestnut colt

  1. Hello,

    His name is definitely Sleipnir Resonance.
    There are pictures up on Elizabeth’s site:
    Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm – public gallery
    2010 foals gallery
    Sleipnir Echo’s Finale and NEJ Golddust Alice’s 2010 colt gallery

    Mother and son are doing well; and will be moved to the mares and foals and yearling fillies ring by the end of the month.

    Resonance is “for Sale” and will be weaned in October.
    Alice is also “for Sale”. She is Noel and Ellen’s only proven broodmare offered for sale.
    Come see the foals playing in the field!

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