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Four kittens for Sale: Hemingways with extra digits.


Kittens for sale: Hemingway cats, with either extra digits, or the gene for extra digits.

We usually let a four paws with double digits female have about 1-2 litters, and then spay her. Four kittens/young cats available.

“J”/ “Jibble”, is a black, neutered male — No double paws. Under a year old, he has all his shots, as well as being neutered. Slender and sleek, he is: $45.00

“Lucy”, a small black female—with extra digits on her front paws. Small and fluffy, Lucy, about 8 months old, has all her shots and is not spayed. $35.00

“Kick” is a fluffy, long-haired, orange/white, female. No double paws, no shots, not spayed, she is about 4 months old. $20.00

“Blizzard” is a longer haired white male. No double paws, no shots, non-neutered, he is a litter-mate of “Kick”, about 4 months old.$15.00

all raised as inside cats for first months of their lives.  currently outdoor cats. currently dry food…raised on canned food and “kitten chow”.

photos to follow shortly.

call or email us:  423 263 0824  or email: