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HORSES and HALLOWEEN – A bit belatedly…

I’ve been thinking about Horses and Halloween.
What immediately pops in your mind when you think of Horses and Halloween? Write and tell me, please.
Of course the most famous horse and Halloween is probably the horse belonging to the headless horseman in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  People only later remember that Ichabod Crane was also on a horse.

It was a lucky person who had their own horse at that time.  The horse was extremely important when it came to transportation, the military, and farm work.

One year, when our girls were in Junior High and Elementary School, a friend of the family dressed up as the Headless Horseman, rode one of the Morgan horses up to our pre-Revolutionary War home, and brought a lit up pumpkin as the head, and presented it to the kids at a Halloween Party. That is a great memory to look back on. It was about thirty some years ago.
In case you are wondering: www. Funtrivia.com states that the name of Ichabod Crane’s horse was: Gunpowder.
And http://www.thefleshfarm.com states that the name of the Headless Horseman’s horse in the Tim Burton movie version, is the same as the name of Brom Bones’ horse in the original story: Daredevil

But, it is a short story and it is a classic in many ways…

So, pick up a copy of Washington Irving’s Sketch Book  of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. (It also has the story of Rip Van Winkle) or pick up any later editions of the just the story…book, ereader, or audio…

or go to: http://www.bartleby.com/310/2/2.html and read the story there.

Washington Irving’s story was first published in 1819, almost 200 years ago.  That’s a long time to be scaring people!!!

Did you dress up your horse as a skeleton? or a carrot? or a zebra?
Let me know if you have any horse and Halloween memories…


If you are going riding where it is Hunting Land…Wear ORANGE…

If you live somewhere near Hunting Land…and your horses are outside…put ORANGE on your horse(s)!


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