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Gift Suggestions


Do you need a gift for the Horse lover in your family? These suggestions are mostly horse related. But they can be adapted for any sport or interest.
They require a bit of thought, but are mostly not very expensive.  We have some suggestions:

1. Subscription to a Horse Magazine or Breed Journal.
Some of the Horse magazines run great specials via the web. Also, you can pick up the latest copy(ies) at your local bookstore to wrap, and use the coupons inside the magazines to order the subscription.
The Morgan Horse Magazine is $31.50 for a year’s subscription. , >>Breed Magazine. For all interests in the Morgan breed.
The Morgan Connection is more specifically for the Morgan Horse Show World.
There are other breed specific magazines; and category specifics. I/we always give John a subscription to the Driving Digest and Membership in the American Driving Society. Off and on, we have also had a subscription to the Carriage Journal.

2. Speaking of memberships: The American Morgan Horse Association (see above) also has yearly memberships at various levels. There are definite benefits to belonging to a national breed association and having input about your giftee’s favorite breed.
If they have a favorite sport, such as driving, a membership to that organization is a gift that they can utilize all year long. John and I and some other family members and friends look forward to the magazines arrivals each month.

3. How about a membership to a local club. Our regional Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Association has provided us with interesting meetings, good friends, and activites revolving around our communities and our favorite horse. You do not need to own a horse, or a horse of a particular breed to join most equine related clubs. There are lots of opportunities to gain knowledge and make friends. The memberships are often VERY reasonable, for instance: The Blue Ridge Club’s website is: Dues are $20 individual, $10 youth, $25 family, and $30 farm.
States or Regions almost always have clubs that you can obtain a gift membership from at reasonable prices. 

4. Equipment: One year we gave each of our grandchildren a grooming tote, with a colorful and unique halter, lead shank; and individual hoof picks, brushes, etc. This was not in-expensive (times 4) but they seemed to like having “their own” equipment, and it did last quite awhile before the supplies got inter-mingled.

Gift certificates towards equipment can be purchased also.
We give gift certificates to local and “bigger” tack and feed stores.

5. Ok, I have to say it: A horse! Normally, I do not believe in gifting any animal, from a kitten or puppy to a horse.
But, If you give the present by picture/and gift certificate…and let the person help choose…
If not a whole horse…
A lesson…
Or a seminar…
Or a video for a particular skill.

These ideas can all be upscaled or downscaled depending on the amounts that you have available to spend, and the people that you are spending it on. The memberships and subscriptions can be for an entire family, or just one person.
As your gift list expands or contracts, and your budget as well, these suggestions can be altered to fit the circumstances. And it shows the person that you are thinking about what interests them.

Enjoy your Holiday season, whatever your religious affiliation.  And have a Blessed and safe New Year, with lots of new ideas for having fun with family and friends, and whatever interests that you share.