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Chestnut Morgan Horses for Sale at Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm


NEJ Golddust Alice:  (Golddust Miner M C x May’s Sweetie) Alice is a 1993 gleaming brown chestnut mare, who has been the Dam of Three of our best foals, by three different sires. Her first foal by B-L Rhinestone Kid, Sleipnir Onyx, a black mare, was sold to be a fancy Parade horse and a core member of a Morgan breeding farm. Her black son, Sleipnir Smoky Mountain, by Sleipnir Sequoyah, has recently gone to be a family pleasure riding and driving horse; and her third foal, Sleipnir Resonance, a chestnut colt, by Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, is an almost perfect pair to Sleipnir Double Feature.  Resonance will be tall and elegant. 

We have left Alice open for 2011.  She can come with, or without, a breeding to any of our gorgeous, athletic, personable stallions. Alice has been professionally trained for Western saddle.  She has also been ridden English style. She has been used extensively as a lesson horse in the round pen, ring, and in the field by our grand-children.  She trailers well, and has been taken to trail rides in the forest.  Alice stands well for the veterinarian and the farrier, and for grooming.  She, like all the horses on our farm, is used to children, dogs, cats, geese, guinea hens and others.  She has been pastured alone and in large herds.  Alice is a good mare to work with for breeding and delivery.  She is a good mother, but also willing to let us work with her foal.

Alice will sell current on her wormings, vaccinations, and a Negative Coggins. She will be eligible for an Interstate health certificate. She is tall; and throws a tall foal. Alice is not our horse.  We sell her as agents for other owners.  She is the ONLY proven broodmare ever SOLD by this long-time breeding farm.  Alice is worth every bit of her price; but her owners have had a home fire, etc. and will be negotiable to a GOOD and loving home only. 

Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity: (Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca).  “Bree” is an elegant, finely formed DARK chestnut filly, born in 2010.  She typifies our breeding program: consisting of Waseeka’s and Orcland bloodlines, as well as “Old Government” and other select lines.  She has Champions in her background and the athletic ability to be a champion herself. Bree is finely and elegantly wrought, but has a solid underlying framework, making her a great candidate eventually for the breeding shed. 

She is a super friendly and willing filly, who, as a coming 2 y/o, is ready to begin ground driving and driving training. “Bree”, like all our horses, will sell current on her vaccinations and wormings, and with a Negative Coggins.  

Sleipnir Double Feature: (Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca) 2010 Red Chestnut colt, to be gelded. “D F” is still a colt, and if you want a stallion prospect, he is an excellent choice.  Bred with Champion bloodlines, this young gentleman has the athletic ability and presence that is expected from fine quality bloodlines.  D F is the leader of the 2010 trio of colts; and has bonded well with the senior former broodmares, and with S. Explorer, who have all been paddock friends and “colt-sitters”.  DF halters and leads and is learning the grooming process.  We let our foals be babies, but they are all “imprinted” at birth, and interacted with daily by amateurs.

We expect DF to be fairly tall, in the 14.3-15.1 range at maturity.  He is a vision running throughout his very large paddock, and has a good coat and a cute diamond mid-face; fully chestnut legs.  He may be darker as he matures, but currently is red chestnut like his sire.   Buy him with or without his almost perfect pair half brother, Sleipnir Resonance. 

Sleipnir Resonance: (Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice) 2010 Red Chestnut colt, to be gelded.  Resonance or “Res” is by the same stallion as D F; and out of the very nice, tall mare, NEJ Golddust Alice.  He also is fully chestnut with cute small white markings on his face.  Resonance is a couple months younger than the other 2 colts born this year, but he looks almost as big as his half brother DF.  They will be roughly the same size; with very similar markings.  He was imprinted at birth; and stands for his halter going on and off. As I said, we do let our foals be babies; but they are inter-acted with on a daily basis by our seasoned amateurs. He is also learning to stand to be groomed.  Like DF, he will be gelded prior to fly season; but would make an excellent stallion prospect, athletic and willing with the bloodlines to back him up! THESE TWO FELLOWS WOULD MAKE AN EXCELLENT DRIVING PAIR. They would equally be suitable for the show ring or as talented trail horses.  They will mature tall enough for a man; and be elegant enough for a woman. S. Resonance, like all our horses, will sell current on his wormings, and vaccinations, and with a Negative Coggins. 

Pictures of all are available on their individual web pages; and in the Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm Public Gallery on >> Galleries >> Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm – Public Gallery

Currently Not For Sale, but would consider selling:

Playday Rebecca: (Stoneholm Taliesin x Stoneholm Alameda), 1990 DARK Chestnut mare. ‘Becca is royally bred.  She is a grand-daughter of Waseeka’s Showtime, through his Grand Champion son, Stoneholm Taliesin.  Alameda is an Upwey Ben Don granddaughter, out of a Lippitt bred mare.  Rebecca is the dam of three of our nicest youngsters: Triagn Smooth Sailing (CeCe) our beautiful Palomino mare; Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, a very fancy DARK chestnut filly; and Sleipnir Double Feature, a spectacularly fine chestnut colt, who is double Waseeka’s Showtime…

We gave ‘Becca a break from foaling for 2011.  She can come with a breeding to Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, our super special Chestnut stallion, or to any of our other fine quality stallions.