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Reggie’s Black Rose

Reggie’s Black Rose

(Reggie’s Gem x Reggie’s Delight)

(1999 – 2011)

 Today, July 21, 2011, Reggie’s Black Rose died.  Rose, a black Morgan mare, was a delightful ambassadress of the farm. She had participated in 2 TN Agriculture Extension Service Fun on the Farm Days, for First Graders, Home schoolers, and their families, where she was a big drawing attraction.  She also participated in several Open Barn Events here on the farm.

Rose loved the foals and young horses.  While she had not had a foal for us, she was a great caretaker for the weaned foals and the young horses.  She had been a trail horse for her previous owners; and she had been ridden for lessons and around the farm by our grandchildren, and visitors.  She loved carrots and was good for the veterinarian, farrier, and the kids when they groomed her.

She is buried here on the farm, where her spirit, along with those of prior Members of the Herd, watches over the farm.


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