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Sleipnir Explorer is at the 2011 Grand National Morgan Horse Show:

Our granddaughter, Amber McGee, and our 2005 Bay gelding, Sleipnir Explorer (B-L Rhinestone Kid x May’s Sweetie) have made their way to Oklahoma City, OK for the Morgan Horse Grand National Horse Show.

They have been training with Sue (and Chris) Nerland, of Lancer Stables/R’surene Morgans, and have had a solid show season this year, their second year of Class A rated morgan horse shows. Sue is imparting her wealth of knowledge and experience to Amber. This year they have shown at the Dixie Cup, Southern States Regional, Kentucky Bluegrass Classic, and the Liberty United Classic Horse Shows.

Amber has been S. Explorer’s trainer from the beginning. She has had professional coaching from several well known morgan horse people; but she has done virtually all the hands on work herself.

Explorer is following in the fine tradition of people friendly, athletic, intelligent “Family Show Horses: Showy Family Horses” that has been our breeding philosophy since the birth of our first two family show horse geldings, Sleipnir Valhalla (UVM Viking x UC Spicy Lass) and Sleipnir Selebrity (Donnybrook Celebrity x UC Spicy Lass) in the 1980’s.

Amber and Explorer are entered in several classes at the Grand National. Elizabeth or I will attach a list of their classes to the comments on the blog. It is possible to watch the entire GN in real time online. Amber has been working Explorer Hunt Seat, but he would do equally well at Saddle Seat or Dressage. He also has worn Western tack.

Sleipnir Explorer is just one of several of our terrific geldings. We also have Sleipnir Celestial Array (Bay), Sleipnir Fieldstone (Bay), Sleipnir Double Feature (Chestnut), and Sleipnir Resonance (Chestnut) available, as well as some very nice Black geldings available from friends of ours. All are very people friendly, athletic, intelligent, with good conformation and no vices. All are offered for sale. Most all of our horses would be equally at home in a national caliber show ring or a family field. Almost all prefer carrots to apples.


2 thoughts on “Sleipnir Explorer is at the 2011 Grand National Morgan Horse Show:

  1. Link to watch GN’s on computer

    “If you’d like to view the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse live on your computer FOR FREE, use this link: http://www.MGNLive.com.
    Thanks to the good people at Markel, RaDon, and Marsha de Arriaga and Hawk Multimedia for making this possible.”

    Amber’s & Onstar’s classes:

    Sat. Oct 8th Fitting/Showmanship 14-17yrs class 312 in performance arena after 1pm

    Sat Oct 8th Hunt Seat Equitation 17yrs class 321 in Performance Arena after 7pm

    Sun Oct 9th AMHA Hunt Gold Medal Preliminary class 333 in Performance Arena after 1pm

    Sun Oct 9th Grand National Roadster To Bike Class 57 in Coliseum after 7pm (last class)

    Mon Oct 10th Hunt Pleasure Jr Exhib. 17yrs class 348 Performance Arena after 1pm

    Then Amber has Tue and Wed off,depending upon how well she does her next classes will be:

    Thur Oct 13 World Champ. Hunt Equitation Senior class 380 in Performance Arena after 9am

    Fri. Oct 14th World Champ Hunt Pleasure Jr Exhib 16-17 class 210 in Coliseum after 1pm

    Sat Oct 15th AMHA Hunt Gold Medal Finals class 246 in Coliseum after 1pm

    Depending upon how well Onstar does etc, her next class will be:

    Sat Oct 15th World Champion Roadster To Bike Class 254 in Coliseum after 7pm

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