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Our Breeding Philosophy – Specific Farms, Stallion & Mare Influences

Sleipnir LogoStrong and Fleet

Sleipnir Logo
Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Carbon Copy - 2000 Stallion(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d'Alene)

Sleipnir Carbon Copy – 2000 Stallion
(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene)


Morgan Horses have been part of our family for over Thirty years. During that time, we went to many horse shows and clinics, watched classes from multiple disciplines and styles, visited some of the most famous Morgan Horse Farms, and formed and refined our own breeding plan.

We breed for people-friendly horses with square stances, and good ways of going. Horses that are also alert, intelligent, willing, talented and very beautiful. 

We focus on the OLD GOVERNMENT LINES found throughout The University of Connecticut (UC) and University of Vermont (UVM) breeding programs; featuring UVM Viking, UVM Flash, Mansfield, Panfield, Canfield, Flyhawk, and of course, Upwey Ben Don+ (Stallions) and UC Spicy Lass (our Foundation mare), UC Taffy, UVM Flirt, Upwey Benn Quietude + (mares).

with crosses to the WASEEKA’S LINE via NOCTURNE, (stallion) via W. Showtime and W. Peter Piper (stallions), and W. Thisizit (mare) and others.

and crosses to the ORCLAND LINE via ULENDON, through especially ORCLAND LEADER, via Courage of Equinox+, Orcland Vigildon+ (stallions).

with selected other families brought in to the lines, including representation from some New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Western working families.

Our pedigrees reflect modern horses with famous ancestors as up close as you can get. The ancestors’ names are often still visible on their descendants’ written pedigrees. Our bloodlines will cross well with any of the current major breeding programs and our Morgans offered For Sale include our best, worthy of being Foundation stallions and mares for new breeding programs, as well as being companions in the show ring or on the trail.

Our Motto and Mission is: Family Show Horses : Showy Family Horses

photo (3)

2012 chestnut fillySleipnir Carbon Copy x Playday Rebecca

2012 chestnut filly
Sleipnir Carbon Copy x Playday Rebecca


2 thoughts on “Our Breeding Philosophy – Specific Farms, Stallion & Mare Influences

  1. My daughter and I think your Morgan’s beautiful and would love to visit some time. They make us sorry not to be showing . We had horses with Cecil Brown ages ago.

    • Hi Harriet,
      Thank you. We’re glad that you and your daughter like our horses. We remember Mr. Brown…he was a well-respected trainer…when did you have horses with him? Our family showed in the early to late 1980’s in all the New England shows. Do you have pictures to share? What were your horses’ breeding?

      Our girls showed Walk-Trot, Showmanship, and Jr Exhibitor Pleasure and Equitation, and Jr Exhibitor Pleasure Driving. John showed Pleasure Driving and the Gentlemen”s classes…and even in some Open Pleasure Driving Classes.
      They all showed UC Spicy Lass (UC Marquis x UC Taffy), Sleipnir Valhalla (UVM Viking x UC Spicy Lass), and Sleipnir Selebrity (Donnybrook Celebrity x UC Spicy Lass). Besides these three, they worked and showed a few others. But these are the predominant ones.

      Spicy was in foal when we purchased her. We had “Hal” for 25 years, and he is buried here on our farm in Tennessee. As is S. Selebrity. Spicy passed away while we were still living in MA.

      You and your daughter are more than welcome to visit. Someone is here on the farm almost all the time, but notice is good. We probably have the largest herd in the SoEast at 20+. Right now, it is mud season, and everyone still has Winter coats. But they always love visitors, because they like people and they like getting extra carrots.

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