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Coeur d’Alene (1988 – 2015) has passed over The Rainbow Bridge


Tre Bayard and Coeur d’Alene
Tre was 8
Alene was 21

Coeur d’Alene

(Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic)

3 15 1988 – 9 15 2015

While we love all our horses, Coeur d’Alene (Alene) was a family and friends favorite.

When we moved from Massachusetts to Iowa, we sold down to a core of six:  two stallions, two mares, two geldings.

Then a few years later, we moved to Tennessee from Iowa, with the same core group of six.

A few years later, we started to breed again, to protect the bloodlines, and to keep our plans going.

We don’t believe in breeding two never bred horses to each other…so, we looked for a mare than had been bred before…for our junior stallion, Sleipnir Top Hat, the last whole son of Elm Hill High Hat x U C Cinnamon, a daughter of our foundation mare, U C Spicy Lass. With the changes in technology for breeding purposes, this is not quite as essential a point of breeding philosophy that it used to be when we did totally hand breeding.  Alene brought us all that and more.

Alene was trained to harness and saddle; she neck-reined, loaded and trailered easily, and had lots of other nice behaviors…she was easy to work around and with. She had been successfully bred once prior to our acquiring her, and had foaled and adapted to motherhood. She stood well for our two stallions, with no drama. She was easy to work around at foaling, and her foals were gorgeous and pleasant.

Her bloodlines were impeccable and she had the conformation to complete the package.  Alene’s sire, Breezeway‘s parentage was Irish Lee x Irish Breeze, a Mr. Breezy Cobra daughter.  Alene’s dam, Oak Hill Perfect Pic, was sired by Funquest Conseulo, a Funquest Falcon son x Wildwood Premodee, a Mor-Ayr Supreme daughter.  Her full pedigree is on — There are two Coeur d’Alene horses listed — this one is the Morgan.

She stood well for S. Top Hat and in 1999, she delivered a nice filly, Sleipnir Spice on Top…”Topsie”.

Alene was then bred twice to our foundation and senior stallion, B-L Rhinestone Kid (Waseeka’s Showtime x B-L Brown Lace, a UVM Flash daughter).

They produced two spectacular colts…our current senior stallion, the gorgeous mahogany bay, Sleipnir Carbon Copy in 2000; and the stunning black stallion, Sleipnir Sequoyah, in 2003.  We sold, with retained breedings, S. Sequoyah last year, but still have “Carbon” and “Topsie”. We also have Grand-Produce on the farm, and a few at other homes, via Get from her two sons.

The above picture is of Coeur d’Alene at the only horse show that we recall her going to.  Tre was 8 y/o at the time and Alene was 21 y/o.  He showed her in several classes where they did well.  For non-horse folks, the At Liberty class is set to music…the handler lets the horse off “at liberty” and at the end of the music/time…the horse stands to be haltered and calmly walk away…the pair of them had never done it before…but like everything she was asked to do, she did it well.  Alene proved over and over again that she was an important member of the family.

We had her 17 years of her 27 years on earth.  She was the second oldest queen of the farm.  Her body has joined the equine, canine, feline, etc guardians of the farm in their cemetery; her spirit runs free in green pastures with the other family members of Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm.

Sleipnir Carbon Copy
(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene)

Sleipnir Carbon Copy – 2000 Stallion
(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene)

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