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Updated For Sale List – Autumn, 2016



We currently have 18 Morgan Horses, approximately 1/3 – 1/2 are offered for sale.

Stallions, Mares and Geldings.

               All Height measurements are barefoot, trimmed for pasture, no shoes or pads.

All pedigree charts available on www.AllBreedPedigree.com  and on the AMHA Registry website.

Sleipnir Onstar, and Sleipnir Fieldstone had been removed from our sales list for family use. If you are interested in purchasing one of them, or other members of the Herd that have been reserved for future use, please feel free to contact us.

We sell our best. We are careful in breeding and choosing new homes for our horses.

For over thirty-six years we could say that all of our horses had gone to permanent loving homes.  In the last couple years, one is at his purchasing agent’s lesson stable, and two are still together in a second permanent home.


Sleipnir Double Feature, 2010 Brown Chestnut gelding,

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca)

Class A National caliber. Friendly and willing to please.  Basics. Finish to suit your needs.


Sleipnir Resonance, 2010 Chestnut gelding.  Currently In Training with Mike Wahl, Greenback, Tennessee.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice)

Trained to Harness and Saddle by Mike Wahl.  Sweet, friendly guy.  Currently at Mike Wahl Performance Horses, offered For Sale by contacting Mike for more information at 989 450 1925.  Resonance had an eye injury as a youth, but vet cleared re vision. Snapshots available soon from this website. Video and photos available from Mike Wahl.


Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, 2012 Black colt, not gelded yet.

(Sleipnir Zenith x NEJ Golddust Alice).

Ready to finish to your interests.



Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, 2009 Very Dark Brown Mare.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca)

Class A, National Caliber.  Very dark brown…even after Southern Summer in the sun; a bit of white stripe.


Sleipnir Hiwassee, 2009 Solid Black Mare.

(Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma)

Our last Get of Sequoyah’s.

Basics, Solid, Sweet and Athletic.   In your pocket friendly. Often the first to greet us at the gate.


Sleipnir Diva, 2012 Fancy Chestnut Mare, with chrome.

(Sleipnir Carbon Copy x Playday Rebecca)

Adorable, friendly, inquisitive filly…diagonal strip, and one white stocking.  Distinctive.

Basics.   Royally bred, National Caliber.  Ready to be someone’s best friend, and partner.


Sleipnir Star Attraction, 2012 Bay Mare, with star.

(Sleipnir Carbon Copy x NEJ Golddust Emma).

Our last Emma foal.

Dark Bay, with a nice star… Friendly, Talented, with Basics.




Sleipnir Carbon Copy, 2000 Gleaming Mahogany Bay. Athletic.  A visitors’ favorite. Gorgeous.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur D’Alene, Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic, by Funquest Consuelo).

Proven Sire of two charming, lovely fillies.  A gentleman during breeding.

Lots and lots of ground driving training by professionals and amateur owners.

Saddled and ridden by amateurs.

Loves to work; and remembers where he left off.  Deserves a more active partnership, and breeding opportunities.  Has been raising his nephew, Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, since prior to weaning.


Sleipnir Zenith, 2004 Bright Bay.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna, by Courage of Equinox)

Proven sire of a handsome black colt. A gentleman at breeding.

Talented, Ground drives and saddle work.  Stable manners, or can be turned out.

As handsome as Sleipnir Carbon Copy, but a different build.


Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, 2012 Black colt, not gelded yet.

(Sleipnir Zenith x NEJ Golddust Alice).  Our final Alice foal.

Has been pastured with his Uncle, Sleipnir Carbon Copy, our senior stallion. They get along great.

Due to be gelded.  Not rank or vices.

Ready to finish to your interests. $1,995.00 Not yet under deposit, but close.

It goes without saying, all stallions are royally bred, with talent and excellent conformation.

They are all proven, kind to their mares, with GET available to be seen and purchased.

All cross well with current popular bloodlines.

Stallions are NOT difficult, and could each be gelded if purchaser(s) desire, for amateur use.

Sleipnir Carbon Copy and Sleipnir Zenith, plus Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, are all available At Stud.

Stud Fee:  $1,000.00 To approved Registered Morgan mares. Live Foal Guarantee.

Mor-ab, or other non-Registered Morgan mares considered on a case by case basis.

We make every effort to have the Current For Sale List, and individual pages of the For Sale Horses updated and in agreement.

Prices and availability subject to change at our discretion.

The Denman Family

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

2214 Columbus Road

Delano, TN, 37325



Georgia’s Morgan Horse Blog

Georgia, Cellular and Texts:  423 284 0899

Email: DenmanFam@aol.com

John, Cellular and Texts:  423 284 0898


Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Georgia Denman

Our motto is:

“Family Show Horses: Showy Family Horses”


Probably the largest Herd of Morgan Horses in the South.

Famous Bloodlines in a modern Morgan package.


Come see the herd playing in the fields!!!!

Sleipnir Logo Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Logo
Strong and Fleet

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