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Sleipnir Zenith 2004-2018

Sleipnir Zenith

Sleipnir Zenith 2004 Bay Stallion (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna)

On Friday, 3 23 2018, Sleipnir Zenith, our handsome Bright Bay stallion, passed away.

He was our last stallion son of our foundation stallion, B-L Rhinestone Kid.

and, the final foal from his dam, Hip Heath Zanna.

Born here on our farm in Delano, Tennessee, he was popular with visitors.

He is survived by his full sister, Sleipnir Sophisticated Lady, a member of our Herd; and by Sleipnir Zeus, his gelded full older brother, owned by Debbie Miser; and by his 2012 black stallion son, also on our farm, Sleipnir Kobyashi Maru, “Kirk”, x NEJ Golddust Alice.

He is also survived by the stallions, mares and geldings of Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm.  The Herd that he watched over in life, and will guard still.

We will miss him very much.

Greener pastures over the Rainbow Bridge.


Sleipnir Logo Family Show Horses: Showy Family Horses

Dr. John and Georgia Denman

Delano, Tennessee


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