2010 UT Extension Fun on the Farm Day for First Graders in Polk County.

Friday, May 14th was this year’s date for the first grade classes to attend Fun on the Farm. Last year the UT Extension service hosted about 200 first graders, plus many other members of their families.

Reggie’s Black Rose, a black morgan mare, traveled from the farm down to Benton, TN for the big day. Rose, who had been a trail horse in the high desert of Arizona, was happy to meet the first graders and their families, and receive carrots. You can see her picture  in the Mares photo gallery, in the public section of the farm photos.

This year, we brought a different morgan horse, one of our geldings, born here in Polk County. Sleipnir Celestial Array and Sleipnir Explorer have been off the farm for horse shows. So, Sleipnir Fieldstone, a 4 year old gelding, was the choice of the year for attending the Big Event.  He was a fan favorite as a two year old, at our Autumn Open Barn event.

According to the American Morgan Horse Association, http://www.morganhorse.com, a registered Morgan is the result of breeding two registered Morgan horses. All Morgans today trace to the stallion Justin Morgan, foaled in 1789, who was originally known by the name “Figure.”

Figure, belonged to a travelling music instructor, Justin Morgan. Figure could work all day hauling timber and do it better than the bigger draft horses and then win most of the races home from work. He was gentle enough for the farmer’s wife to hook up to the wagon to go to market, and he was fancy driving the family to church on Sunday. His descendents include ancestors of the Tennessee Walking Horse, the Saddlebred and the Standardbred. Morgan Horses were the primary horse of the cavalry for settling the West, because they willingly go all day for their humans and are very easy keepers.

Look at the hone page for a story about Fieldstone’s trip to Fun on the Farm Day, and a link to further photos of this Event.


Liberty Classic Horse Show, TriState Fairgrounds, Cleveland Tennessee


The horse show is under way…
Thank you to all the Show Committee members who have worked so hard…
Good luck to all the Exhibitors
Please come out to support the friends of nice horses. People who care about their equine friends…and love to share the enthusiasm about a nice horse of any breed; and a particular favorite.

Don’t forget to cheer for Sleipnir Explorer and Amber McGee!!

Photos from the Classes will be available on www.ImagesNMemories.com 

Elizabeth L D McGee, Horse Show Photographer.

Liberty Classic Horse Show


The Liberty Classic Horse Show starts tomorrow at the Tri-State Fairgrounds in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Actually, it is after midnight…so it starts today (Friday)

There will be several fine Morgan Horses on display in classes there. As well as horses of other nice breeds.

Some of our Morgan Horses will be on display. Plus, people will be here at the farm too, for the horses, organically raised plants at the greenhouse, and the antique shop.

Come support the fine exhibitors; and come out and enjoy the scenery at the farm. Sleipnir Ocoee is in with some of the other horses now…and Sleipnir Double Feature is getting ready to join him. They are so cute. We cannot wait for Echo and Alice’s foal also.

Frank Farner has his 2009 Echo gelding at the showgrounds with Dawn Krenner’s stable…so you can see Echo’s Get in both places.

Either way it will be alot of fun!

For further information go to:www.LibertyClassicHorseShow.com

A name for Echo and Rebecca’s chestnut colt


We have a name for the young chestnut colt. We’ve actually had it for a bit…But I’ve been too swamped to write.

His name is Sleipnir Double Feature. Because he has crosses to Waseeka’s Showtime on both sides of his pedigree. Currently, we are calling him by his fullname or Lil guy. I’ve been joking about movie studio names for a barn name.

He is absolutely adorable…very curious about his world and fast around the pasture. We are going to introduce him to Emma and Ocoee soon; so that he’ll have a playmate.

Both little fellows have been a big hit with visitors to the farm.

One more foal due: NEJ Golddust Alice…she is bred to S. Echo’s Finale.

S. Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca’s newborn chestnut colt – photo page

We went through Elizabeth’s photo selections of the new little guy, and the proud Mom…and have a page of photos chosen.
Elizabeth has the page up for viewing.
You can get to it several ways, but here is a link…


He is wonderful…we are so very pleased with Echo and Rebecca’s additions to our breeding herd.


It’s a Chestnut Colt:

Playday Rebecca just had her foal by Sleipnir Echo’s Finale.
He is up and cavorting around the stall, waiting for mom to be ready to play.
Possible names:
Doesn’t have to be Sleipnir Echo’s (something)……but it can be
John, Caitrin and Michael have suggested Tornado, Cyclone, Whirlwind, Vortex etc… because his white star and shortened strip are swirly…and he is bouncing/prancing around his stall.

Foal name suggestions

The first name suggestion is in for Sequoyah and Emma’s foal.

The name suggestion is: Sleipnir Ocoee.

It seems a good suggestion as it goes with his full sister’s name…

Sleipnir Hiwassee

and his half brother’s name…

Sleipnir Smokey Mountain.

We will be collecting suggestions and giving you the top choices…

Whatever his name…he would make a good driving partner with his half-brother.  Or a good friend on the trails.  Also show worthy.

Should be tall and sweet tempered and handsome!!!