BLACK Morgan Horses at Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Several people have asked us specifically about our Black Morgan Horses. So, here is a list of just the Black Morgans.
We do have have Dark and Light Chestnuts, Bays, and a Palomino on the farm.
The Black Morgan Horses include:

Reggie’s Black Rose 1999 Black Mare Trail, Broodmare, Show
Rose is a perfect Ambassadress of the Morgan breed. Sweet and willing. Rides, broodmare, very cute. Lots of trailering experience!

Sleipnir Onstar 2003 Black Mare Class A National Caliber
Onstar will be a star in anyone’s stable. Professionally trained to ride and drive. Currently ready for an exceptional season as a Roadster to Bike horse. Bloodlines and conformation to complement any breeding program. Exquisite and athletic. Show her under saddle or in harness.

Sleipnir Hiwassee 2009 Black Filly Ready to start driving training
Hiwassee, or “Meadow” as her Cherokee name translates, is an absolute sweetheart. Super friendly and willing to please, she’ll be right at the gate to greet you and go to work. A favorite of visitors.

*It is possible that two BLACK broodmares belonging to other owners might be available, ONLY sold together, and ONLY to a special home!!

* There is also another Black Bay mare, GAITED, belonging to other owners, off the farm, that is available. NEJ Golddust Sadie (1993). An especially interesting horse for here in the South! She has exceptional bloodlines for breeding use.

Sleipnir Sequoyah 2003 Black Stallion Class A National Caliber
Proven sire: 3 Blacks, 1 Dark Chestnut 3 G (two still colts): 1 M
Solid, athletic, fabulous temperament and conformation. He is pleasant to use for breeding; respects his handler and his mares. Would make a spectacular harness horse, or English Pleasure. Can be gelded.

Sleipnir Smoky Mountain 2009 Black colt-to be gelded Class A prospect
This colt will be tall and elegant, but on a solid foundation. He is friendly and willing. Ready for driving training. He has not been gelded yet, if looking for a stallion prospect, Smoky would make a fine one. Great temperament & conformation. Athletic. Loves carrots. SOLD to a wonderful home!

Sleipnir Ocoee 2010 Black colt-to be gelded From a favorite cross
Ocoee would be a good prospect for a possible driving pair with either Sleipnir Smoky Mountain or Sleipnir Hiwassee. He will be good sized and an athletic talented horse for whatever is asked of him. Ocoee has his parent’s solid build and temperament; and will be a friend/partner. SOLD to a wonderful home!

* There are also another two Black Geldings, NEJ Golddust St. Jaxx and NEJ Golddust Wilbur, belonging to other owners, off the farm, that are available. Both Jaxx (1993) and Wilbur (1994) have had some ground training, but have not been hooked or ridden, though they have had people on their backs. I recently saw Wilbur, and refreshed my memory about how large he is! Up close he resembles a Friesian…Tall and solid framework.
They are available separately or ask for a package with NEJ Golddust Sadie.

All of our Morgan Horses stand well for the farrier and the vet. At minimum, single tie for grooming; and are current on vaccinations, Negative Coggins, wormings, and can have an Interstate travel health certificate.

See their individual pages on our website for links to more photos and their complete pedigrees. Their pedigrees are also available on:

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Driving Horses

We have been focusing a lot recently on driving our horses. Elizabeth, John and I all prefer to drive.

Amber and Kimberly, Kaya and Tre have been a big help this year. Tre is particularly good with the foals…He’s just their size.

Amber has been riding a lot and really working some of the horses. If you see more pictures of her, it is because Kimberly and Kaya have both been out of town; and Kaya has knee problems typical of teenage girls growing taller!

Tim P. has been coming to work the stallions (we see him less now that it is HOT and he has a new job); and most especially Noel J and Michael M have been doing quite a bit of long lining, leading, and driving training.

John and I have enjoyed the times we’ve gotten to drive this year…and it is really neat seeing the grandkids and Elizabeth occasionally at the reins.

More driving pictures and driving training blogs to follow. Stay tuned. Elizabeth gives me lots of pictures to go through!

I specifically want to mention Noel (Jones) and Helen (Roeder)’s driving pairs discussion group.

They have had the group since 2006. It specifically focuses on driving pairs. So, if you have an interest in pairs, or multiples, this is THE place to go.

With all the interest in the 2010 World Equestrian Games this year in Lexington, KY,, pair driving is going to be a topic of discussion in the horse world, and in general.

Noel, Helen, and the MANY MANY drivers of pairs will get you up to speed regarding the world of driving multiples!

FYI, it appears that you need a Google email account to actually join the discussion group…but you can see what’s going on via the link.

So, go check out their Discussion group…there is a vast archive of information, and current discussions on-going. Be careful being a newbie though…

There is no such thing as a “stupid” question…but look and see if they have already answered it in the Archives.

And if you have Single, or beginning, driving questions…write to us, here on the blog, or to Noel…

His email is: