Sleipnir Explorer goes to a Show Home in Oklahoma

Sleipnir Explorer, Amber McGee up

Our 2005 Bay gelding, Sleipnir Explorer (B-L Rhinestone Kid x May’s Sweetie) went to Oklahoma City, OK for the Grand National Morgan Horse Show in October, 2011. Several young girls saw him there, and were captivated by him. One young lady, Savannah Mitchell, and her mother Julie, have purchased him.

Explorer, aka “Zippy”, was brokered by Sue Nerland, who had guided our grand-daughter, Amber McGee, in training him; and by Mary Shappee & Gert Shuckhart of Majic Stables, where Explorer went from the show grounds, and where he will remain in training and for Savannah’s lessons.

Sleipnir Explorer and Savannah Mitchell


Bay Morgan Horses For Sale

 A Bay coat color on a horse is a combination of colors. The Bay horse’s body can range in shades of brown from a light tan to a magnificent glowing brilliant Mahogany Brown. The mane, tail, and below the knees are Black.

In a previous post, I wrote about our Black Morgan Horses for sale. These five are our Bay Morgan Horses that are currently For Sale.

Our Bay Morgans For Sale are: Two Bay Stallions and Three Bay Geldings, others considered for sale:

Sleipnir Carbon Copy (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene, a Breezeway daughter, out of a Funquest Falcon grand-daughter). Born in 2000, Carbon is a glorious Mahogany Brown. He has had a good bit of ground driving training, up to the hooking stage, including by professional trainers; and has been ridden by men, and our teenage grand-daughter. Although he doesn’t have his sire’s coat color, he is wide-chested, straight –legged and athletic like his sire. He is super smart and loves to work. He remembers where you have left off with his training, and starts right back up with only the slightest reminder. He stands well for the farrier and the veterinarian; and is current on his Negative Coggins, vaccinations, and wormings.

He can be gelded, and would be a standout in almost any Show division; or sturdy on the trail.

Sleipnir Zenith (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna, a Courage of Equinox daughter). Born in 2004, Zenith was Hip Heath Zanna’s final foal. He is absolutely gorgeous and royally bred. Zanna’s dam was UVM Flirt, a Stanfield daughter, out of a Tutor daughter. He combines the best of Old Government and Waseeka’s Showtime, and the beauty of Upwey Ben Don. Zenith has a willing attitude, and is a quick learner. He has professional and amateur training, and has been ground driven to the hooking stage and ridden by amateurs, including our grand-daughter.

Gelded he could be a star in multiple disciplines. As a stallion, there couldn’t be better bloodlines to cross with the “predominant” show horse lines; or for a solid using horse. His full brother, Sleipnir Zeus, is a spectacular Black Gelding, who was sold as a person’s pleasure horse. Zenith, like all our horses, comes current on his Negative Coggins, vaccinations, and wormings. He stands for the farrier and the veterinarian, and he LOVES handfuls of grass. He is stalled near our organic greenhouse, and is the first horse to greet visitors to the farm, greenhouse, and antique shop.

Sleipnir Celestial Array (Hylee The Rage x Sleipnir Constellation, our champion mare by B-L Rhinestone Kid). Born in 2002, Array can go from hanging around the pasture to a winning show horse. He has been professionally trained and shown Western, and won Grand Champion In-hand at the Liberty Classic Horse Show (as picture). He has been the “cover” horse for the following year’s Liberty Classic Horse Show Program. Array loves attention, stands well for all his grooming needs, the veterinarian and the farrier. He trailers well, and like all our horses, he comes with a Negative Coggins, all his vaccinations and wormings current.

Array was gelded since we had too many stallions, and not enough geldings. He has fabulous conformation, a willing attitude, and athletic talent. Array is changing careers to Hunt and/or Saddle Seat Equitation and Pleasure after his earlier training as a Western Horse. Last Summer, we trained him to drive; there is a video of him being driven on our website. He will also continue driving in 2011.

Sleipnir Explorer (B-L Rhinestone Kid x May’s Sweetie). Born in 2005, Explorer is our final horse available from the Golden Cross of Rhinestone and Sweetie, a fabulous driving mare, who is every bit as sweet as her name implies. Explorer is a deep, dark Bay with great conformation and athleticism, and a wonderful attitude.

Started almost exclusively by our grand-daughter, Amber, S. Explorer has improved throughout his show career. He has been shown lightly at 4-H and local shows, and was Reserve Champion In-Hand Horses at Liberty Classic Horse Show. He and Amber have moved up to training under Sue Nerland, a well-known horse and rider Equitation trainer in the Morgan World. They have continued showing at the Class A circuit and have placed well, and improved continually.

S. Explorer trailers well, stands well for the veterinarian and farrier. He has worn show shoes, and does equally well trimmed down for the pasture. He is current on his vaccinations and wormings, and comes with a Negative Coggins.

Amber will be going off to college in the Autumn of 2011. However, until sold, they will continue their winning team.

Sleipnir Fieldstone (B-L Rhinestone Kid x NEJ Golddust Emma, Sweetie’s super-sweet daughter). Born in 2006, this gleaming coated lighter tan bodied Bay Gelding is a special ambassador of the farm. He has been tremendously patient and tolerant of small children and crowds since he was a little guy. As a 2 y/o, we used him for an Open Barn Event with three active boys and a crowd that got up close. As a 4 y/o, we brought him to a Fun on the Farm Event, where he was surrounded for hours by one class of kindergarteners after another, plus parents, grandparents, siblings, and camera flashes.

He trailers, stands well for the farrier and the veterinarian, and for grooming. He is current on his Negative Coggins, vaccinations, and wormings.

S. Fieldstone has been ridden by amateurs, and driven by amateurs. He has been a pasture mate to older and younger horses, and is flexible and easy-going. He is ready to follow S. Celestial Array and S. Explorer in to the show world; or he would be an attentive and athletic friend on the trails.

Pictures, video and more about each horse on our website.  and pedigrees for the entire herd are on

Come visit them and all the Sleipnir (and friends) Morgan Horses over the holidays.  Let’s have some Hot Chocolate in the Antique Shop on the farm ( and talk about Morgan horses!

Gift Suggestions

Do you need a gift for the Horse lover in your family? These suggestions are mostly horse related. But they can be adapted for any sport or interest.
They require a bit of thought, but are mostly not very expensive.  We have some suggestions:

1. Subscription to a Horse Magazine or Breed Journal.
Some of the Horse magazines run great specials via the web. Also, you can pick up the latest copy(ies) at your local bookstore to wrap, and use the coupons inside the magazines to order the subscription.
The Morgan Horse Magazine is $31.50 for a year’s subscription. , >>Breed Magazine. For all interests in the Morgan breed.
The Morgan Connection is more specifically for the Morgan Horse Show World.
There are other breed specific magazines; and category specifics. I/we always give John a subscription to the Driving Digest and Membership in the American Driving Society. Off and on, we have also had a subscription to the Carriage Journal.

2. Speaking of memberships: The American Morgan Horse Association (see above) also has yearly memberships at various levels. There are definite benefits to belonging to a national breed association and having input about your giftee’s favorite breed.
If they have a favorite sport, such as driving, a membership to that organization is a gift that they can utilize all year long. John and I and some other family members and friends look forward to the magazines arrivals each month.

3. How about a membership to a local club. Our regional Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Association has provided us with interesting meetings, good friends, and activites revolving around our communities and our favorite horse. You do not need to own a horse, or a horse of a particular breed to join most equine related clubs. There are lots of opportunities to gain knowledge and make friends. The memberships are often VERY reasonable, for instance: The Blue Ridge Club’s website is: Dues are $20 individual, $10 youth, $25 family, and $30 farm.
States or Regions almost always have clubs that you can obtain a gift membership from at reasonable prices. 

4. Equipment: One year we gave each of our grandchildren a grooming tote, with a colorful and unique halter, lead shank; and individual hoof picks, brushes, etc. This was not in-expensive (times 4) but they seemed to like having “their own” equipment, and it did last quite awhile before the supplies got inter-mingled.

Gift certificates towards equipment can be purchased also.
We give gift certificates to local and “bigger” tack and feed stores.

5. Ok, I have to say it: A horse! Normally, I do not believe in gifting any animal, from a kitten or puppy to a horse.
But, If you give the present by picture/and gift certificate…and let the person help choose…
If not a whole horse…
A lesson…
Or a seminar…
Or a video for a particular skill.

These ideas can all be upscaled or downscaled depending on the amounts that you have available to spend, and the people that you are spending it on. The memberships and subscriptions can be for an entire family, or just one person.
As your gift list expands or contracts, and your budget as well, these suggestions can be altered to fit the circumstances. And it shows the person that you are thinking about what interests them.

Enjoy your Holiday season, whatever your religious affiliation.  And have a Blessed and safe New Year, with lots of new ideas for having fun with family and friends, and whatever interests that you share.

HORSES and HALLOWEEN – A bit belatedly…

I’ve been thinking about Horses and Halloween.
What immediately pops in your mind when you think of Horses and Halloween? Write and tell me, please.
Of course the most famous horse and Halloween is probably the horse belonging to the headless horseman in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  People only later remember that Ichabod Crane was also on a horse.

It was a lucky person who had their own horse at that time.  The horse was extremely important when it came to transportation, the military, and farm work.

One year, when our girls were in Junior High and Elementary School, a friend of the family dressed up as the Headless Horseman, rode one of the Morgan horses up to our pre-Revolutionary War home, and brought a lit up pumpkin as the head, and presented it to the kids at a Halloween Party. That is a great memory to look back on. It was about thirty some years ago.
In case you are wondering: www. states that the name of Ichabod Crane’s horse was: Gunpowder.
And states that the name of the Headless Horseman’s horse in the Tim Burton movie version, is the same as the name of Brom Bones’ horse in the original story: Daredevil

But, it is a short story and it is a classic in many ways…

So, pick up a copy of Washington Irving’s Sketch Book  of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. (It also has the story of Rip Van Winkle) or pick up any later editions of the just the story…book, ereader, or audio…

or go to: and read the story there.

Washington Irving’s story was first published in 1819, almost 200 years ago.  That’s a long time to be scaring people!!!

Did you dress up your horse as a skeleton? or a carrot? or a zebra?
Let me know if you have any horse and Halloween memories…


If you are going riding where it is Hunting Land…Wear ORANGE…

If you live somewhere near Hunting Land…and your horses are outside…put ORANGE on your horse(s)!