Wanted: Minimum Level 3 Dressage Morgan Horse

We have had a request from a friend to find a Morgan Dressage Horse, minimum Level Three.

This is a serious, legitimate request, from a trusted person.

The person who is looking for this horse, has another Morgan Dressage Horse that she loves.

She only wants a Morgan, either mare or gelding. At this point, she does not care about coat color. Age and experience are her key factors.

This is not our area of interest, but we are learning.

We are going to place a wanted ad on the Morgan Dressage Association after we join.

We have several young horses capable of coming along, but we promised to use our resources to help this person find the right horse.

If you have one available, or know of one, please contact us.

Our contact information is here on the website and on our Facebook page you could private message me, text, etc.


Georgia and John

Georgia: Cellular and texts: 423 284 0899

John: Cellular and texts: 423 284 0898

Email:  DenmanFam@aol.com