Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru – “Kirk” 2012 Black Colt

Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru – “Kirk”

(Sleipnir Zenith x NEJ Golddust Alice)

2012 Black Colt – or buyer can choose to have him be gelded.


Kirk on right, with his Uncle Sleipnir Carbon Copy (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene)



Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, barn name: Kirk looking right. Snapshot by Georgia Denman

Looking sunbleached in this photo, but he is Black, as in full body shot the same day.



Kirk looking left. Not looking sun bleached. Snapshots all on same day, within moments of each other.

Pleasant fellow.  Hasn’t had much attention from us due to John’s health and other issues.

Make him your equine buddy and finish him as you want and need. Zenith’s only Get available; and Alice’s final foal. A unique cross never to be repeated.


Prices and availability subject to change at our discretion.

Not a mean horse in the Herd of 18; some just are further trained than others. We pride ourselves on intelligent, pleasant, athletic and willing members of the Herd.


Sleipnir Logo Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Delano, Tennessee, 37325

Georgia: 423 284 0899


Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Georgia Denman

Georgia’s mini-Essay for Horse & Driver Directory – 2013

We are proud to be a long-time Morgan Horse Family; Breeding and Showing Morgan Horses since 1979. We are especially interested in the preservation, promotion, and sharing of Morgan Horse pedigrees, in a modern horse.

This is a family operation with three generations feeding, training, and maintaining the herd. Good Manners are every bit as important to us as correct conformation and the Morgan’s intrinsic beauty and terrific personality.

We have all ages. Suitable for various disciplines. Classic Morgan bloodlines and temperament. Blacks, Seal Browns, Dark Chestnuts, Bays, & a palomino. National caliber horses for the show ring, CDE, trail, or backyard.

Our horses are groomed near geese, ducks, chickens, guinea hens, cats & dogs.
Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm is located in East Tennessee at the foot of the Smoky Mountains, off Interstate 75, between Chattanooga and Knoxville.

Our motto and mission – Family Show Horses : Showy Family Horses.

John, Elizabeth, and Travis with Sleipnir Sequoyah, Black Morgan Stallion

Sleipnir Sequoyah, Travis Olinger, whip

Sleipnir Sequoyah, John, whip

Sleipnir Sequoyah, Elizabeth, whip

Photos available from last week: John and Elizabeth were able to go down to Travis’ Stable last Wednesday and work with Sleipnir Sequoyah, our 2003 Black Morgan Stallion, that Britta has in training with Travis.


His ring still had some soft spots from the rain, but they were able to work Sequoyah.  Elizabeth took photos of Travis and John driving him; and John took some of Elizabeth driving him.  I’m attaching a few here, and more will be posted in his Individual Gallery on Elizabeth’s photography site: She’ll attach the direct link as a comment when she has the chosen pictures attached to his gallery.

It is supposed to rain off and on today and through the weekend, so I don’t know that we’ll have much luck for here on Monday…but we’ll see.  Kaya and Tre are off from school for Autumn break next week. It would be nice to be able to be outside with the critters for part of the time.

For further information about Sequoyah, please see some of my earlier posts. Have a good weekend.  Hope that it is sunny wherever you are.

Contact Information:

The Denman Family: Dr. John, Georgia, Dr. Britta, Elizabeth L. D. McGee and Family, & Caitrin Bayard and Family

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm, 2214 Columbus Road, Delano, TN, 37325

Georgia, Cellular and Texts: 423 284 0899

Email: or

Facebook: Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Meet The Sleipnir Stallions: Part 2: Sleipnir Sequoyah and his Get available

Sleipnir Sequoyah (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene, by Breezeway x a Funquest bred mare) is our 2003 BLACK stallion. He has a fantastic combination of historic bloodlines up close in a modern package.  He is friendly, handsome, athletic, intelligent, close coupled, with good legs, and solid hooves.  He is a proven sire of Black foals.  We have sold his colt/geldings that we had.  We do have a very nice, super friendly 3 year old Black mare of his for sale (Sleipnir HiwasseeSleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma).

Sleipnir Sequoyah is 14.3hh, flat-hooved, no shoes, and trimmed for pasture. 

He is currently in driving training with Travis Olinger, a well-known driving trainer, from a family of well-known East Tennessee horsemen.  Travis may be reached via Email at: or via phone at:  423 341 7930.

Sequoyah’s Stud fee is $1,000.00, live foal guaranteed.

S. Sequoyah is also For Sale, as we do not need Four stallions. Priced at: $9,990.00  He is not rank, or difficult, and is kind to his mares.  He could also be gelded for use as an amateur horse.  He would be spectacular!  He has been ridden.

Sleipnir Hiwassee
(Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma)
2009 Black Mare

Or, purchase his 2009 Black daughter, Sleipnir Hiwassee…for $4,500.00  She has all her basics and is ready to train your way for driving and/or saddle work.  In your pocket friendly, solid hooved, athletic, pretty, intelligent, willing and will make an awesome member of anyone’s breeding program; she can be crossed with any of the older pedigree lines, or with the more currently popular lines.

All Sleipnir Morgan Horses have their pedigrees listed on; where you can also do “hypothetical” breedings.

Our For Sale Morgan Horses always have asking prices listed and available. All are current on their vaccinations and wormings, all sell with a current negative Coggins, all have lots of basic ground manners – stand for the farrier, veterinarian, and grooming/handling by amateurs. Many are trained to ride and drive. All maintain a good hoof, are trimmed regularly and cut-down, trimmed for pasture. Only the horses currently stalled in training carry a longer hoof and wear a shoe. Most of the mares and geldings have been pastured together at various points in time. All the stallions have been kept in 200 x 100 open paddocks, as well as stalled at various points in their lives. 

Every Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm horse ever sold in our over thirty years of breeding has gone to a permanent loving home.

Our Spring Open House date has not been scheduled due to John’s recovery from his illness and our tornado related rebuilding work. Visitors are always welcome, with notice preferred. Contact Georgia at 423 284 0899 Cellular and Texts, or and for email.

2012 Current Members of Our Herd



Sleipnir Constellation   1983 mare   Bay   B-L Rhinestone Kid x UC Spicy Lass
Coeur D’Alene   1988 mare   Chestnut   Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic
Playday Rebecca   1990 mare   Chestnut   Stoneholm Taliesin x Stoneholm Alameda
            In foal to Sleipnir Carbon Copy for 2012
Sleipnir Southern Cross   1998 mare   Bay   Great Oaks Mastrcopy x Sleipnir Constellation
Sleipnir Spice on Top   1999 mare   Chestnut   Sleipnir Top Hat x Coeur D’Alene
Sleipnir Carbon Copy   2000 stallion   Bay   B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur D’Alene
Sleipnir Sophisticated Lady   2001 mare   Bay   B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna
Sleipnir Celestial Array   2002 gelding   Bay   Hylee The Rage x Sleipnir Constellation
Sleipnir Onstar   2003 mare   Black   B-L Rhinestone Kid x NEJ Golddust Louise
Sleipnir Sequoyah   2003 stallion   Black   B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur D’Alene
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale   2004 stallion   Chestnut   Exquisite Sir Echo x Sleipnir Constellation
Sleipnir Zenith        2004 stallion   Bay   B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna
Triagn Smooth Sailing   2004 mare   Palomino   K – Wood’s Golden Eagle x Playday Rebecca
Sleipnir Andromeda   2006 mare   Chestnut   Courage of Sweet Meadow x Sleipnir Constellation
Sleipnir Fieldstone   2006 gelding   Bay   B-L Rhinestone Kid x NEJ Golddust Emma
Sleipnir Hiwassee   2009 filly   Black   Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma
Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity   2009 filly   Chestnut   Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca
Sleipnir Double Feature   2010 gelding   Chestnut   Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca
Sleipnir Resonance   2010 gelding   Chestnut   Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice
On lease – Morgans:            
May’s Sweetie   1984 mare   Black   Nugget’s Prince x Eck’s Twiggy
NEJ Golddust Alice   1993 mare   Chestnut   Golddust Miner M C x May’s Sweetie
NEJ Golddust Emma   1996 mare   Black Bay   Golddust Miner M C x May’s Sweetie  
            In foal to Sleipnir Carbon Copy for 2012 
The Denman Family            



423 263 5677

        423 284 0899  cell & text

Geldings for Morgan Show Horses and Family Fun Horses

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Geldings Available

Over thirty years as breeders.

Our breeding philosophy:

“Family Show Horses : Showy Family Horses” 

Sleipnir Celestial Array, 2004 Bay Gelding, National Caliber Saddle and Harness.   (Hylee The Rage x Sleipnir Constellation). Professionally started.  Has been shown in Western and Hunt tack.  In Hand Morgan Show Champion. Started in Equitation. No vices.

Sleipnir Explorer, 2005 Bay Gelding, Grand National Top Ten, Junior Exhibitor, Hunt Equitated. (B-L Rhinestone Kid x May’s Sweetie). ON DEPOSIT.

Sleipnir Fieldstone, 2006 Bay Gelding, National Caliber Saddle and Harness.  (B-L Rhinestone Kid x NEJ Golddust Emma). Family safe pleasure driving for any choice of harness.  No vices.

Sleipnir Double Feature, 2010 Chestnut Gelding, Royally bred National Caliber, spectacular bloodlines and superior conformation. (Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca). In your pocket friendly. Started ground driving training. Stands for farrier, veterinarian, and grooming, like all our horses.  No vices.

Sleipnir Resonance, 2010 Chestnut Gelding. Almost a perfect match to Sleipnir Double Feature. (Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice). Started ground driving training. Stands for farrier, veterinarian, and grooming, like all our horses.  No vices.

All Sleipnir Morgan Horses have full pedigrees on:

Curious? Come See what the mares are looking at!