Birthday SPECIAL today only at the Farm


It is Caitrin’s birthday TODAY!


If you come by the farm today and tell her “Happy Birthday”, she’ll give you a free plant of her choice.

Our gift to you to celebrate her special day!!


A name for Echo and Rebecca’s chestnut colt


We have a name for the young chestnut colt. We’ve actually had it for a bit…But I’ve been too swamped to write.

His name is Sleipnir Double Feature. Because he has crosses to Waseeka’s Showtime on both sides of his pedigree. Currently, we are calling him by his fullname or Lil guy. I’ve been joking about movie studio names for a barn name.

He is absolutely adorable…very curious about his world and fast around the pasture. We are going to introduce him to Emma and Ocoee soon; so that he’ll have a playmate.

Both little fellows have been a big hit with visitors to the farm.

One more foal due: NEJ Golddust Alice…she is bred to S. Echo’s Finale.

It’s a Chestnut Colt:

Playday Rebecca just had her foal by Sleipnir Echo’s Finale.
He is up and cavorting around the stall, waiting for mom to be ready to play.
Possible names:
Doesn’t have to be Sleipnir Echo’s (something)……but it can be
John, Caitrin and Michael have suggested Tornado, Cyclone, Whirlwind, Vortex etc… because his white star and shortened strip are swirly…and he is bouncing/prancing around his stall.

2010 Foal Watch Predictions:

Another guesser has made her predictions:

Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma’s foal will be a colt.
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca’s foal will be a filly.
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice’s foal will be filly.

Georgia’s Guesses:
Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma’s foal will be a black filly.
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca’s foal will be a chestnut filly
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice’s foal will be a chestnut filly.

You can either add your predictions as a comment, or send them to us via email. For extra hints, go to the Lease Page, and see what the mares have produced so far.

“Musical” Paddocks

2010 foal watch update
Today we played the first musical paddocks for the herd for this year.
We moved the three geldings, S. Celestial Array, S. Explorer, and S. Fieldstone.
Then we moved S. Sophisticated Lady (Sophie), and Triagn Smooth Sailing (CeCe).
Then we moved Coeur d’Alene (Alene) and Reggie’s Black Rose.
All to give Playday Rebecca (Becca), NEJ Golddust Emma, and NEJ Golddust Alice, the 2010 broodmares, each a separate paddock for the remainder of their pregnancies.
By “we”, I mean that we discussed the plan, I authorized it…and Elizabeth, Michael, Tim P., and Amber implemented it. Thank you to all of them for the terrific job that they did!
There’ll be several more moves this Spring…
Emma and Becca are both “bagging up”, which means that their milk is coming along for the foals arrival. Both of them have had a few foals, so their udders fill easier than the first time that they foaled.
Elizabeth says that Becca seems further along than Emma. For those of you guessing…it could be anytime and either of them could be first to foal in 2010.

Horse Care:

Horses naturally groom each other in the wild. Standing head to tail, they swish flies away from the others’ head, and pick loose hairs off each others backs.
As human caretakers, it is a pleasurable way to spend time, cleaning our horses, and talking to them. Be sure that your horse knows how to tie to either a single tie or crossties. This is an extremely important ground training accomplishment…for safety and pleasure during the grooming…for both the horse and the groomer.
Grooming increases blood flow and stimulates the oil secretion glands that condition the horse’s coat. It removes tangles from the mane and tail, and fly eggs (bots) from the legs and body. Grooming also loosens the dirt and sweat stains from the girth and saddle areas to prevent sores.

2010 Morgan Horse Foals due

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this year’s foal crop. We are expecting three foals this year.

The proud parents to be are:
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca.
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice.
Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma.

Sequoyah and Alice have a 2009 black colt, Sleipnir Smoky Mountain, nicknamed Smoky.  He is very leggy, and cute, and should be tall.  He could be a showhorse, or a terrific trail or driving prospect.
Echo and Becca have an absolutely gorgeous dark chestnut filly from 2009, Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, nicknamed Bree.   She is a class A National Caliber show horse prospect.  Named after our deceased special showhorse and family 3 generation riding partner, gelding, Sleipnir Selebrity.  They were both born on April 1 of their respective years.
So, we are looking forward to what they produce this year.

Sequoyah and Emma had a lovely 2009 black filly, Sleipnir Hiwassee.  Her barn name is Hiwassee, or Meadow, which is what ‘Hiwassee’ means in Cherokee.  Last year, for Sequoyah’s babies, we chose names related to our area of Eastern Tennessee.  Hiwassee has been SOLD to Mike Watson, who has admired our Morgan Horses for a long time, and has looked at most of the morgan horse farms in our Tri-State area.

Further Updates will follow as we get closer to the mares foaling times.