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Horses For Sale and At Stud

 Current FOR SALE Morgan Horses

Sleipnir Onstar

Sleipnir Onstar – 2011 Grand National Roadster-to-Bike, Travis Olinger, whip


Sleipnir Carbon Copy and Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, “Kirk”


Sleipnir Resonance

October, 2016


Sleipnir Double Feature,

2010 Red/Brown Chestnut gelding, basics, National Caliber. $5,000.00

Sleipnir Resonance,

2010 Red Chestnut gelding, basics. Kind and friendly fellow. $7,500.00

Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru,

2012 Black colt, not gelded yet. Ready to train for your interests.$2,500.00


Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity,

2009 Dark Chestnut Mare, Looks Black, Elegant. Fancy. National Caliber. $7,750.00

Sleipnir Hiwassee,

2009 Black Mare, Basics, Sweet, Solid, and Athletic. $4,750.00

Sleipnir Diva,

2012 Brown Chestnut Mare, with chrome, Royally bred, Lovely. National Caliber. $5,775.00

Sleipnir Star Attraction,

2012 Very Dark Bay (almost Black)  Mare, Friendly, Talented, with Basics. $3,295.00


Sleipnir Carbon Copy,

2000 Mahogany Bay, Athletic, A visitors’ favorite. $9,900.00

Sleipnir Zenith,

2004 Bright Bay, Talented, Ground drives and saddle. $7,700.00

Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru,

2012 Black colt, not gelded yet. Ready to train for your interests.$2,500.00

Stallion, At Stud:

Sleipnir Echo’s Finale:

2004 Chestnut, Handsome

All Height measurements are barefoot, trimmed for pasture, no shoes or pads.

When not at a training barn, all are kept in pastures, and paddocks.

All are trained with a D-ring snaffle bit, long-lined and ground driven.

All Sleipnir foals are imprinted at birth.

Our broodmares are safe to be around for breeding, vet visits, foaling and aftercare. They are loving, and caring, but not overly aggressive protectors.

Our foals are friendly and inquisitive and enjoy their humans.

A few of the youngest have just the basic handling (grooming, farrier and veterinarian) due to our health issues.

No vices. No mean temperaments.

All have been handled by three generations of amateurs.

Our Morgan Horses are sold current on all vaccinations and wormings, trimmed, and come with a negative Coggins.

All stand for basic grooming, farrier, and veterinarian.

The trained and shown horses come with more extensive show grooming and manners, and have been safely trailered.

All For Sale horses have asking prices clearly posted.

All have pedigrees listed on: www.allbreedpedigrees.com

Historic bloodlines as up close as you can get.

Modern horses that look and act like a Morgan.

It goes without saying, all stallions are royally bred, with talent and excellent conformation.

They are all proven, kind to their mares, with GET available to be seen and purchased.

All cross well with current popular bloodlines.

Stallions are NOT difficult, and could each be gelded, if purchaser(s) desire, for amateur use.

Sleipnir Carbon Copy and Sleipnir Zenith, plus Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, are all available At Stud – Stud Fee:  $1,000.00 Live Foal Guarantee.

For over thirty-six years our mission and our motto:

Family Show Horses : Showy Family Horses.

Contact Information:

The Denman Family

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

2214 Columbus Road

Delano, TN, 37325

Georgia, Cellular and Texts:  423 284 0899

Email: DenmanFam@aol.com


Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Georgia Denman

Sleipnir Logo Family Show Horses: Showy Family Horses

Sleipnir Logo
Family Show Horses:
Showy Family Horses


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