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Our Motto and Mission and Horses For Sale

We currently have no stallions, a colt that has not been gelded yet, two geldings, and four mares on our Sales List. They range from having just the basics to finish yourself to having extensive harness and saddle training. Other Herd Members may also be considered for sale.

All of our For Sale Horses always have asking prices listed and available. All are current on their vaccinations and wormings, most have current negative Coggins, all have lots of basic ground manners – stand for the farrier, veterinarian, and grooming/handling by amateurs. Many are trained to ride and drive. All maintain a good hoof, are trimmed regularly and cut-down, trimmed for pasture. Only the horses stalled in training for a show season carry a longer hoof and wear a shoe. Most of the mares and geldings have been pastured together at various points in time. All the stallions have been kept in 200 x 100 open paddocks, as well as stalled at various points in their lives.


The Stallions were/are all gentlemen regarding ground manners and treatment of their mares. They were/are not rank, or difficult, and were/are kind to their mares

At Stud:

Sleipnir Echo’s Finale (Exquisite Sir Echo x Sleipnir Constellation, by B-L Rhinestone Kid) is available At Stud only, NOT for sale.

Stud fee is $1,000.00 Live foal guaranteed.

Our deceased stallions, and Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, have Get available to be seen and purchased.

All Sleipnir Morgan Horses have their pedigrees listed on www.allbreedpedigree.com; where you can also do “hypothetical” breedings.

When our daughters, and we, were younger, we used to do all the training to the hooking stage and through the saddle stage, and then send them to be finished. In past years we have had our grandchildren and others to assist with the early training.

Any questions regarding our Herd of wonderful Morgan Horses and which one(s) would match your needs:

Please feel free to contact Georgia or John; and Noel Jones and/or Travis Olinger for further discussion.

We have not been doing Open Houses since John’s injury and illness and tornado related damage to the Farm.

Visitors are always welcome, with notice preferred.


Georgia at 423 284 0899 Cellular and Texts

We are also on Facebook:
Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm
Georgia Denman


For further information:

We do not have any of our Herd currently at an offsite trainer.

Our friend Noel Jones, who is from a multi-generation Morgan horse family, and has been an active carriage driver of singles, pairs, and four-in-hand, has been an excellent trainer and resource for us over the past many years. Noel may be reached via Email at: gedeckt@usit.net or via phone at: 423 887 7594.

Travis Olinger, a well-known driving trainer, from a multi-generation family of accomplished and well-known East Tennessee horsemen is also familiar with our entire herd.  Travis may be reached via Email at: atolinger@charter.net or via phone at:  423 341 7930

Noel and Travis know us and the Members of our Herd well for general conversations.

Almost every Sleipnir Morgan horse ever sold in our almost forty years of breeding has gone to a permanent loving home, in recent years two have gone to a second permanent home together.

Most have gone to be the first horse in new Morgan Homes.  Several have gone to repeat customers.

Our Motto and Our Mission for over 35 years:

Family Show Horses : Showy Family Horses

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