Sleipnir Sequoyah’s final foal for 2009 foal crop

An outside mare bred to Sleipnir Sequoyah has had her foal for 2009.  It is a colt.

So he has three live foals on the ground from his first foal crop.  A filly first, and then two colts.  Our two are black.  We haven’t seen his latest son, but we’ve heard that he is chestnut. 

The two that we have are quite leggy, with good length of necks, nice faces, and pleasant temperaments.

We have bred him back to only one mare for next season’s foals.  His other mare from this year we are going to breed to Sleipnir Echo’s Finale for next year to see how that cross goes. 

We are still waiting for one more of Echo’s to be born outside the farm later this year.


Riding the stallions


A friend of ours, Tim, has been working with Dawn to ride some of the stallions. 

He has just started working again with his favorite of Rhinestone’s descendents, S. Carbon Copy, Rhinestone’s Bay son x Couer d’Alene.

He has also been on S. Echo’s Finale, Rhinestone’s chestnut grandson (Exquisite Sir Echo x S. Constellation, by B-L Rhinestone Kid).

Saddle work updates to follow.

Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma

Sequoyah and Emma have a lovely 2009 filly (Sleipnir Hiwassee aka Meadow) on the ground for this year.
Thay have started the process of breeding for this year for a 2010 foal. Since they are both Black, we expect that next year’s foal will be Black, like Hiwassee.
The foal should also be tall, with nice conformation and a super sweet temperament.
Hiwassee is tall, and adorable. She comes right to you, in a huge field.
The 2010 foal, once confirmed, will be available for deposit. Emma is not for sale, but her full sister ‘Alice’ is. Alice has a Black colt, by Sequoyah by her side for now.
She will probably be bred to S. Echo’s Finale for a chestnut foal for 2010. Foaling Lease Requests can be made prior to breeding.

The new foals


We have three new foals on the farm.  Two are by SLEIPNIR SEQUOYAH, our black stallion (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene by BREEZEWAY).  One is by SLEIPNIR ECHO’S FINALE, our chestnut stud (Exquisite Sir Echo x SLEIPNIR CONSTELLATION by B-L Rhinestone Kid). 

Two fillies and one colt.

The fillies are already together out in the field with their dams.  The colt and his dam will be out with them by the end of next week.  Right now he is next door in a long aisle.

Artists and photographers are welcome to come visit them.  They are just beginning to shed out and still look good.

Will write more about each of them over the next few days.  Bye for now.