Members of the Herd, Autumn, 2015

DOB Sire Dam
Tennessee Herd October, 2015
Playday Rebecca M 4/27/1990 Stoneholm Taliesin Stoneholm Alameda
Sleipnir Southern Cross M 5/2/1998 Great Oaks Mastrcopy Sleipnir Constellation
Sleipnir Spice On Top M 5/11/1999 Sleipnir Top Hat Coeur d’Alene
Sleipnir Carbon Copy S 4/27/2000 B-L Rhinestone Kid Coeur d’Alene
Sleipnir Sophisticated Lady M 4/29/2001 B-L Rhinestone Kid Hip Heath Zanna
Sleipnir Onstar M 5/21/2003 B-L Rhinestone Kid NEJ Golddust Louise
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale S 4/2/2004 Exquisite Sir Echo Sleipnir Constellation
Sleipnir Zenith S 4/22/2004 B-L Rhinestone Kid Hip Heath Zanna
Triagn Smooth Sailing M 5/14/2005 K-Wood’s Golden Eagle Playday Rebecca
Sleipnir Andromeda M 4/14/2006 Courage of Sweet Meadow Sleipnir Constellation
Sleipnir Fieldstone G 6/9/2006 B-L Rhinestone Kid NEJ Golddust Emma
Sleipnir Hiwassee M 3/23/2009 Sleipnir Sequoyah NEJ Golddust Emma
Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity M 4/1/2009 Sleipnir Echo’s Finale Playday Rebecca
Sleipnir Double Feature G 5/3/2010 Sleipnir Echo’s Finale Playday Rebecca
Sleipnir Resonance G 6/18/2010 Sleipnir Echo’s Finale NEJ Golddust Alice
Sleipnir Star Attraction M 2/24/2012 Sleipnir Carbon Copy NEJ Golddust Emma
Sleipnir Diva M 3/29/2012 Sleipnir Carbon Copy Playday Rebecca
Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru S 2012 Sleipnir Zenith NEJ Golddust Alice
Sleipnir Resonance In Training September 2015 Photo by Kelsey Crain, Trainer

Sleipnir Resonance
In Training
September 2015
Photo by Kelsey Crain, Trainer

Sleipnir Logo Family Show Horses: Showy Family Horses

Sleipnir Logo
Family Show Horses:
Showy Family Horses


Sleipnir Constellation (1983 – 2015) has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

1983 - 2015 B-L Rhinestone Kid x U C Spicy Lass

1983 – 2015
B-L Rhinestone Kid
U C Spicy Lass

MA Morgan 1986

MA Morgan 1986

Les Parker, her trainer, posed her for the standing photo and was whip in harness photo

There are no words that can convey all the memories and emotions behind this obituary/biography of Sleipnir Constellation.

       Sleipnir Constellation, a Bay mare born in 1983, passed away at 32 years old…(related to approximately 90+ in human years). She was B-L Rhinestone Kid’s, our foundation stallion, first foal.  And she was U C Spicy Lass’, our foundation mare, last, and was orphaned at a few days old.

       Connie was a retired National Caliber show horse and retired broodmare. She was our Pleasure Driving Champion in New England and the Mid-Atlantic area; and was the matriarch of the herd following her half sister’s (U C Cinnamon by UVM Viking x U C Spicy Lass) demise. Connie was our first, and only cross, of our cornerstone stallion and mare, as we lost Spicy to an illness following Connie’s delivery. We raised Connie as an orphan foal…but you would never have known it.  Her big brother and our first foal, Sleipnir Valhalla (U V M Viking x U C Spicy Lass) (1980 – 2005) was a great loving influence; and we went back to the University of Connecticut to get his full sister, U C Cinnamon, as a four year old.  We also brought home U C Phoebe, (by U C Ringmaster x Merwin Black Beauty), as a weanling to be her companion in the paddock as well.

Connie’s photo was solicited by the American Morgan Horse Association Registry to be used in one of the last Registry Volumes, where the photos to be included were chosen by Committee to represent the breed, rather than via paid advertisements. She was chosen as an example of the ideal morgan mare.  The photo was taken by Jan Lynick when Constellation was in training with Les Parker. She showed to First Place and Championships with Les, and later with John MacDonald, prior to our reducing our herd and taking a hiatus from showing in the late 1980’s.

She was one of the core of six Morgan Horses that we moved from Massachusetts to Iowa, and Iowa to Tennessee.  She was also the cornerstone of our breeding program when we began to breed again, having the first foal in Tennessee and the last from the core herd.

She was the dam of:

Sleipnir Southern Cross, by Great Oaks Mastrcopy,

Sleipnir Legacy, by Sleipnir Top Hat,

Sleipnir Celestial Array, by Hylee The Rage,

Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, by Exquisite Sir Echo,


Sleipnir Andromeda, by Courage of Sweet Meadow.

She was also the Grand-dam of our “Echo’s” foals: Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, Sleipnir Double Feature, Sleipnir Resonance, and also Farner’s Lucy Long , and Farner’s Travler.

Connie and her pasture friend, Coeur d’Alene (Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic) had been together in large paddocks for many years.  She had outlived her sire and dam, all her brothers and sisters, two of her Produce and her closest pasture companion.  The weather has been lovely in SouthEastern Tennessee…the heat of the Summer is over, the cold of Winter is not yet here.  Connie decided it was time to go.

Note: Connie’s registered name was Sleipnir Constelaton due to the alphabetic limitation.

Photos of Sire:

Photos by Suzy Lucine

B-L Rhinestone Kid Head and In Motion Photos by Suzy Lucine

Photos of Dam:

Reference Photos of U C Spicy Lass Ad The Morgan Horse

Reference Photos of U C Spicy Lass
Ad The Morgan Horse

Sleipnir Logo Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Logo
Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Constellation was the embodiment of our mission and motto:

Family Show Horses : Showy Family Horses

Coeur d’Alene (1988 – 2015) has passed over The Rainbow Bridge

Tre Bayard and Coeur d'Alene 2009 Tre was 8 Alene was 21

Tre Bayard and Coeur d’Alene
Tre was 8
Alene was 21

Coeur d’Alene

(Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic)

3 15 1988 – 9 15 2015

While we love all our horses, Coeur d’Alene (Alene) was a family and friends favorite.

When we moved from Massachusetts to Iowa, we sold down to a core of six:  two stallions, two mares, two geldings.

Then a few years later, we moved to Tennessee from Iowa, with the same core group of six.

A few years later, we started to breed again, to protect the bloodlines, and to keep our plans going.

We don’t believe in breeding two never bred horses to each other…so, we looked for a mare than had been bred before…for our junior stallion, Sleipnir Top Hat, the last whole son of Elm Hill High Hat x U C Cinnamon, a daughter of our foundation mare, U C Spicy Lass. With the changes in technology for breeding purposes, this is not quite as essential a point of breeding philosophy that it used to be when we did totally hand breeding.  Alene brought us all that and more.

Alene was trained to harness and saddle; she neck-reined, loaded and trailered easily, and had lots of other nice behaviors…she was easy to work around and with. She had been successfully bred once prior to our acquiring her, and had foaled and adapted to motherhood. She stood well for our two stallions, with no drama. She was easy to work around at foaling, and her foals were gorgeous and pleasant.

Her bloodlines were impeccable and she had the conformation to complete the package.  Alene’s sire, Breezeway‘s parentage was Irish Lee x Irish Breeze, a Mr. Breezy Cobra daughter.  Alene’s dam, Oak Hill Perfect Pic, was sired by Funquest Conseulo, a Funquest Falcon son x Wildwood Premodee, a Mor-Ayr Supreme daughter.  Her full pedigree is on — There are two Coeur d’Alene horses listed — this one is the Morgan.

She stood well for S. Top Hat and in 1999, she delivered a nice filly, Sleipnir Spice on Top…”Topsie”.

Alene was then bred twice to our foundation and senior stallion, B-L Rhinestone Kid (Waseeka’s Showtime x B-L Brown Lace, a UVM Flash daughter).

They produced two spectacular colts…our current senior stallion, the gorgeous mahogany bay, Sleipnir Carbon Copy in 2000; and the stunning black stallion, Sleipnir Sequoyah, in 2003.  We sold, with retained breedings, S. Sequoyah last year, but still have “Carbon” and “Topsie”. We also have Grand-Produce on the farm, and a few at other homes, via Get from her two sons.

The above picture is of Coeur d’Alene at the only horse show that we recall her going to.  Tre was 8 y/o at the time and Alene was 21 y/o.  He showed her in several classes where they did well.  For non-horse folks, the At Liberty class is set to music…the handler lets the horse off “at liberty” and at the end of the music/time…the horse stands to be haltered and calmly walk away…the pair of them had never done it before…but like everything she was asked to do, she did it well.  Alene proved over and over again that she was an important member of the family.

We had her 17 years of her 27 years on earth.  She was the second oldest queen of the farm.  Her body has joined the equine, canine, feline, etc guardians of the farm in their cemetery; her spirit runs free in green pastures with the other family members of Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm.

Sleipnir Carbon Copy (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d'Alene)

Sleipnir Carbon Copy
(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene)

Sleipnir Carbon Copy - 2000 Stallion (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d'Alene)

Sleipnir Carbon Copy – 2000 Stallion
(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene)

Sleipnir Logo Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Logo
Strong and Fleet

The Denman Family

Delano, Tennessee

Updated For Sale List – Autumn, 2016



We currently have 18 Morgan Horses, approximately 1/3 – 1/2 are offered for sale.

Stallions, Mares and Geldings.

               All Height measurements are barefoot, trimmed for pasture, no shoes or pads.

All pedigree charts available on  and on the AMHA Registry website.

Sleipnir Onstar, and Sleipnir Fieldstone have been removed from our sales list for family use. If you are interested in purchasing one of them, or other members of the Herd that have been reserved for future use, please feel free to contact us.

We sell our best. We are careful in breeding and choosing new homes for our horses.

For over thirty-six years we could say that all of our horses had gone to permanent loving homes.  In the last couple years, one is at his purchasing agent’s lesson stable, and two are still together in a second permanent home.


Sleipnir Double Feature, 2010 Brown Chestnut gelding,

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca)

Class A National caliber. Friendly and willing to please.  Basics. Finish to suit your needs.


Sleipnir Resonance, 2010 Red Chestnut gelding.  Currently In Training with Mike Wahl, Greenback, Tennessee.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice)

Trained to Harness and Saddle by Mike Wahl.  Sweet, friendly guy.  Currently at Mike Wahl Performance Horses, offered For Sale by contacting Mike for more information at 989 450 1925.  Resonance had an eye injury as a youth, but vet cleared re vision. Snapshots available soon from this website. Video and photos available from Mike Wahl.


Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, 2012 Black colt, not gelded yet.

(Sleipnir Zenith x NEJ Golddust Alice).

Ready to finish to your interests. Not yet on deposit…but probably Sold.



Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, 2009 Very Dark Brown, looks Black, Mare.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca)

Class A, National Caliber.  Very dark brown, looks Black…even after Southern Summer in the sun; a bit of white stripe.


Sleipnir Hiwassee, 2009 Solid Black Mare.

(Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma)

Our last Get of Sequoyah’s.

Basics, Solid, Sweet and Athletic.   In your pocket friendly.


Sleipnir Diva, 2012 Chestnut Mare.

(Sleipnir Carbon Copy x Playday Rebecca)

Adorable, friendly, inquisitive filly…diagonal strip, and one white stocking.  Distinctive.

Basics.   Royally bred, National Caliber.  Ready to be someone’s best friend, and partner.


Sleipnir Star Attraction, 2012 Bay Mare, with star.

(Sleipnir Carbon Copy x NEJ Golddust Emma).

Our last Emma foal.

Dark Bay, with a nice star… Friendly, Talented, with Basics.




Sleipnir Carbon Copy, 2000 Gleaming Mahogany Bay. Athletic.  A visitors’ favorite. Gorgeous.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur D’Alene, Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic, by Funquest Consuelo).

Proven Sire of two charming, lovely fillies.  A gentleman during breeding.

Lots and lots of ground driving training by professionals and amateur owners.

Saddled and ridden by amateurs.

Loves to work; and remembers where he left off.  Deserves a more active partnership, and breeding opportunities.  Has been raising his nephew, Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, since prior to weaning.


Sleipnir Zenith, 2004 Bright Bay.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna, by Courage of Equinox)

Proven sire of a handsome black colt. A gentleman at breeding.

Talented, Ground drives and saddle work.  Stable manners, or can be turned out.

As handsome as Sleipnir Carbon Copy, but a different build.


Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, 2012 Black colt, not gelded yet.

(Sleipnir Zenith x NEJ Golddust Alice).  Our final Alice foal.

Has been pastured with his Uncle, Sleipnir Carbon Copy, our senior stallion. They get along great.

Due to be gelded.  Not rank or vices.

Ready to finish to your interests. $1,995.00 Not yet under deposit, but close.

It goes without saying, all stallions are royally bred, with talent and excellent conformation.

They are all proven, kind to their mares, with GET available to be seen and purchased.

All cross well with current popular bloodlines.

Stallions are NOT difficult, and could each be gelded if purchaser(s) desire, for amateur use.

Sleipnir Carbon Copy and Sleipnir Zenith, plus Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, are all available At Stud.

Stud Fee:  $1,000.00 To approved mares. Live Foal Guarantee.

We make every effort to have the Current For Sale List, and individual pages of the For Sale Horses updated and in agreement.

The Denman Family

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

2214 Columbus Road

Delano, TN, 37325


Georgia’s Morgan Horse Blog

Georgia, Cellular and Texts:  423 284 0899


John, Cellular and Texts:  423 284 0898


Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Georgia Denman

Our motto is:

“Family Show Horses: Showy Family Horses”


Probably the largest Herd of Morgan Horses in the South.

Famous Bloodlines in a modern Morgan package.


Come see the herd playing in the fields!!!!

Sleipnir Logo Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Logo
Strong and Fleet

Wanted: Minimum Level 3 Dressage Morgan Horse

We have had a request from a friend to find a Morgan Dressage Horse, minimum Level Three.

This is a serious, legitimate request, from a trusted person.

The person who is looking for this horse, has another Morgan Dressage Horse that she loves.

She only wants a Morgan, either mare or gelding. At this point, she does not care about coat color. Age and experience are her key factors.

This is not our area of interest, but we are learning.

We are going to place a wanted ad on the Morgan Dressage Association after we join.

We have several young horses capable of coming along, but we promised to use our resources to help this person find the right horse.

If you have one available, or know of one, please contact us.

Our contact information is here on the website and on our Facebook page you could private message me, text, etc.


Georgia and John

Georgia: Cellular and texts: 423 284 0899

John: Cellular and texts: 423 284 0898


Updated List – Morgan Horses and Non-Morgans that have been our Companions on the Farms

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Horses that we have owned and bred, predominantly Morgan Horses
Registered, Unregistered, and Deceased prior to Registration completed

In Chronological Order – 1980 – Current
By Georgia O. Denman

Registered Morgan Horses:

Massachusetts and Tennessee:
UC Spicy Lass – Chestnut Mare – Foundation Mare of Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm – DECEASED – MA
Sleipnir Valhalla – Chestnut Gelding – DECEASED – TN
B-L Rhinestone Kid – Black Bay Stallion – Foundation Sire of SMHF – DECEASED – TN
Sleipnir Selebrity – Chestnut Gelding – DECEASED – TN
Sleipnir Constellation – Bay Mare – First Get of B-L Rhinestone Kid; Last Produce of UC Spicy Lass – DECEASED – TN
UC Cinnamon – Chestnut Mare – DECEASED – TN

Headwater’s Dawn Date – SOLD – MA
UC Phoebe – Dark Chestnut Mare –SOLD – MA
Sleipnir Cor-elation – SOLD – MA
Sleipnir Firestone – Bay Gelding – SOLD Unregistered – MA
Fieldmaster Ben – SOLD – MA
Sleipnir Brimstone – Bay Gelding – SOLD Unregistered – MA
Sleipnir Top Hat – Chestnut Stallion – DECEASED – TN
Gaitwood Kitzbuhel – Bay Mare – SOLD – MA
Windfall Vigilstar – Black Gelding – SOLD – MA

Sleipnir Southern Cross – Bay Mare
Coeur d’Alene – Chestnut Mare – DECEASED
Sleipnir Spice On Top – Chestnut Mare
Reggie’s Black Rose – Black Mare – DECEASED
NEJ Golddust Louise – Black Bay Mare – SOLD
NEJ Golddust Ruby – Black Bay Mare – SOLD
Four Fields Patriot – Bay Stallion – Retired for Frog Farm – DECEASED
Sleipnir Carbon Copy – Bay Stallion
Sleipnir Legacy – Chestnut Stallion – DECEASED
Hip Heath Zanna – Bay Mare – DECEASED
Sleipnir Betsy Ross – Bay Mare – SOLD
Sleipnir Sophisticated Lady – Bay Mare
May’s Sweetie – Black Bay Mare – Leased – Retired – DECEASED
NEJ Golddust Alice – Chestnut Mare – Leased – DECEASED
NEJ Golddust Emma – Black Mare – Leased – SOLD
Sleipnir Zeus – Black Gelding – SOLD
Sleipnir Celestial Array – Bay Gelding – DECEASED
Sleipnir Trinity – SOLD – DECEASED
Sleipnir Gemstone – Black Bay Mare – DECEASED

Sleipnir Rock Candy – Bay Mare – SOLD
Sleipnir Onyx – Black Mare – SOLD
Sleipnir Onstar – Black Mare
Sleipnir Sequoyah – Black Stallion – SOLD
Exquisite Sir Echo – Chestnut Stallion – DECEASED
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale – Chestnut Stallion
Sleipnir Zenith – Bay Stallion
Poincianna – Dark Chestnut Mare – SOLD – DECEASED
Sleipnir Explorer – Bay Gelding – SOLD
Sleipnir Ambassador – Black Bay Stallion – SOLD
Sleipnir Fieldstone – Bay Gelding
Sleipnir Pop Rocks – Black colt – DECEASED
Sleipnir Andromeda – Brown Chestnut Mare
Prairie Hill Princess, Chestnut Mare – SOLD
Sleipnir Daily Show – Chestnut Mare – SOLD
May’s Joy – Bay Mare – SOLD
May’s Prunella – Bay Mare – SOLD
PJMF Mr. Standfast – Bay Gelding – SOLD
PJMF Mr. Honest – Bay Gelding – SOLD
Playday Rebecca – Brown Mare
Triagn Smooth Sailing – Palomino Mare
Sleipnir Hiwassee – Black Mare
Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity – Dark Brown Mare
Sleipnir Smoky Mountain – Black colt – Gelded by new owners – SOLD
Sleipnir Ocoee – Black colt – Gelded by new owners – SOLD
Sleipnir Double Feature – Chestnut Gelding
Sleipnir Resonance – Chestnut Gelding
Sleipnir Star Attraction – Bay Mare
Sleipnir Diva – Brown Chestnut Mare
Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru – Black Colt

Non – Morgan Horses:
Jiminy Cricket – Welsh Arab Cross Hunter/Jumper Pony –Chestnut Gelding – SOLD
Misty Bar-Quad – Registered Quarter Horse – Chestnut Mare – SOLD
Sharifa El Asol – Registerable Arabian Bay Mare – SOLD
Sleipnir Toby – Bay Morab Gelding by B-L Rhinestone Kid x Sharifa El Asol – SOLD
Deuce’s Sir Spot – Registered Quarter Horse – Chestnut Gelding – SOLD
Rose – Racking mare – Bay – SOLD

Photos of Many of these Horses at
Public Galleries

Members of The SLEIPNIR Morgan Horse Herd – 21

All For Sale horses have asking prices clearly posted. See our For Sale Page.

All have pedigrees listed on:

Historic bloodlines as up close as you can get.

Modern horses that look and act like a Morgan.


For over thirty years our mission and our motto:

Family Show Horses : Showy Family Horses.


4 Stallions:


Sleipnir Carbon Copy. Barn name: Carbon.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene, by Breezeway).


Sleipnir Echo’s Finale. Barn name: Echo.

(Exquisite Sir Echo x Sleipnir Constellation, by B-L Rhinestone Kid).


Sleipnir Zenith. Barn name: Zenith.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna, by Courage of Equinox).


Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru. Barn name: Kirk.

(Sleipnir Zenith x NEJ Golddust Alice).


4 Geldings:


Sleipnir Celestial Array. Barn name: Array.

(Hylee The Rage x Sleipnir Constellation, by B-L Rhinestone Kid)


Sleipnir Fieldstone.  Barn name: Fieldstone.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x NEJ Golddust Emma).


Sleipnir Double Feature.  Barn name: D.F.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca).


Sleipnir Resonance. Barn name: Resonance.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice).


13 Mares:


Sleipnir Constellation. (Constelaton on pedigree). Barn name: Connie.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x U C Spicy Lass).


Coeur d’Alene. Barn name: Alene.

(Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic, by Funquest Consuelo, out of a Mor-Ayr Supreme daughter).


Playday Rebecca.  Barn name: Becca.

(Stoneholm Taliesin x Stoneholm Alameda).


Sleipnir Southern Cross. Barn name: Blaze.

(Great Oaks Mastrcopy x Sleipnir Constellation).


Sleipnir Spice On Top.  Barn name: Topsie.

(Sleipnir Top Hat, last whole son of Elm Hill High Hat

x U C Cinnamon, by UVM Viking x U C Spicy Lass).


Sleipnir Sophisticated Lady.  Barn name: Sophie.

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna, by Courage of Equinox).


Sleipnir Onstar.  Barn name: Onstar

(B-L Rhinestone Kid x NEJ Golddust Louise)


Triagn Smooth Sailing.  Barn name: CeCe.

(K-Wood’s Golden Eagle x Playday Rebecca).


Sleipnir Andromeda.  Barn name: Andromeda.

(Courage of Sweet Meadow, by Courage of Equinox x Sleipnir Constelaton)


Sleipnir Hiwassee.  Barn name: Hiwassee.

(Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma).


Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity. Barn name: Bree.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca).


Sleipnir Star Attraction.  Barn name: Star

(Sleipnir Carbon Copy x NEJ Golddust Emma).


Sleipnir Diva. Barn name: Diva.

(Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca).