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Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru: 2012 Black Colt – Available

Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru, Barn name: “Kirk”

(Sleipnir Zenith x NEJ Golddust Alice).


Sleipnir Carbon Copy on left. Sleipnir Kobayashi Maru on right.

Watch for more Updated Photos SOON.

This 2012 Black colt, with a small star, is not gelded as yet, as we have had some interest in keeping him as a stallion, and consideration for purchase as a stallion, subsequent to Sleipnir Sequoyah’s sale.

He has unique and irreplaceable bloodlines, and is refined and handsome. He should mature to 15HH or more.

“Kirk” is in a paddock with his uncle, Sleipnir Carbon Copy, (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Coeur d’Alene) our current senior stallion, and they get along just fine.  They have been together for most of his life.

He is currently offered for sale at: $2,500.00.  He is ready to finish yourself, or send to a training facility. No vices.

Contact Information:

The Denman Family

Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

2214 Columbus Road

Delano, TN, 37325

Georgia, Cellular and Texts:  423 284 0899

Email: DenmanFam@aol.com


Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm

Georgia Denman


Sleipnir Logo Strong and Fleet


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