Sleipnir Zenith 2004-2018

Sleipnir Zenith

Sleipnir Zenith 2004 Bay Stallion (B-L Rhinestone Kid x Hip Heath Zanna)

On Friday, 3 23 2018, Sleipnir Zenith, our handsome Bright Bay stallion, passed away.

He was our last stallion son of our foundation stallion, B-L Rhinestone Kid.

and, the final foal from his dam, Hip Heath Zanna.

Born here on our farm in Delano, Tennessee, he was popular with visitors.

He is survived by his full sister, Sleipnir Sophisticated Lady, a member of our Herd; and by Sleipnir Zeus, his gelded full older brother, owned by Debbie Miser; and by his 2012 black stallion son, also on our farm, Sleipnir Kobyashi Maru, “Kirk”, x NEJ Golddust Alice.

He is also survived by the stallions, mares and geldings of Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm.  The Herd that he watched over in life, and will guard still.

We will miss him very much.

Greener pastures over the Rainbow Bridge.


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Sleipnir Constellation (1983 – 2015) has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

1983 - 2015 B-L Rhinestone Kid x U C Spicy Lass

1983 – 2015
B-L Rhinestone Kid
U C Spicy Lass

MA Morgan 1986

MA Morgan 1986

Les Parker, her trainer, posed her for the standing photo and was whip in harness photo

There are no words that can convey all the memories and emotions behind this obituary/biography of Sleipnir Constellation.

       Sleipnir Constellation, a Bay mare born in 1983, passed away at 32 years old…(related to approximately 90+ in human years). She was B-L Rhinestone Kid’s, our foundation stallion, first foal.  And she was U C Spicy Lass’, our foundation mare, last, and was orphaned at a few days old.

       Connie was a retired National Caliber show horse and retired broodmare. She was our Pleasure Driving Champion in New England and the Mid-Atlantic area; and was the matriarch of the herd following her half sister’s (U C Cinnamon by UVM Viking x U C Spicy Lass) demise. Connie was our first, and only cross, of our cornerstone stallion and mare, as we lost Spicy to an illness following Connie’s delivery. We raised Connie as an orphan foal…but you would never have known it.  Her big brother and our first foal, Sleipnir Valhalla (U V M Viking x U C Spicy Lass) (1980 – 2005) was a great loving influence; and we went back to the University of Connecticut to get his full sister, U C Cinnamon, as a four year old.  We also brought home U C Phoebe, (by U C Ringmaster x Merwin Black Beauty), as a weanling to be her companion in the paddock as well.

Connie’s photo was solicited by the American Morgan Horse Association Registry to be used in one of the last Registry Volumes, where the photos to be included were chosen by Committee to represent the breed, rather than via paid advertisements. She was chosen as an example of the ideal morgan mare.  The photo was taken by Jan Lynick when Constellation was in training with Les Parker. She showed to First Place and Championships with Les, and later with John MacDonald, prior to our reducing our herd and taking a hiatus from showing in the late 1980’s.

She was one of the core of six Morgan Horses that we moved from Massachusetts to Iowa, and Iowa to Tennessee.  She was also the cornerstone of our breeding program when we began to breed again, having the first foal in Tennessee and the last from the core herd.

She was the dam of:

Sleipnir Southern Cross, by Great Oaks Mastrcopy,

Sleipnir Legacy, by Sleipnir Top Hat,

Sleipnir Celestial Array, by Hylee The Rage,

Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, by Exquisite Sir Echo,


Sleipnir Andromeda, by Courage of Sweet Meadow.

She was also the Grand-dam of our “Echo’s” foals: Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, Sleipnir Double Feature, Sleipnir Resonance, and also Farner’s Lucy Long , and Farner’s Travler.

Connie and her pasture friend, Coeur d’Alene (Breezeway x Oak Hill Perfect Pic) had been together in large paddocks for many years.  She had outlived her sire and dam, all her brothers and sisters, two of her Produce and her closest pasture companion.  The weather has been lovely in SouthEastern Tennessee…the heat of the Summer is over, the cold of Winter is not yet here.  Connie decided it was time to go.

Note: Connie’s registered name was Sleipnir Constelaton due to the alphabetic limitation.

Photos of Sire:

Photos by Suzy Lucine

B-L Rhinestone Kid Head and In Motion Photos by Suzy Lucine

Photos of Dam:

Reference Photos of U C Spicy Lass Ad The Morgan Horse

Reference Photos of U C Spicy Lass
Ad The Morgan Horse

Sleipnir Logo Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Logo
Strong and Fleet

Sleipnir Constellation was the embodiment of our mission and motto:

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