2010 Foal Watch: Join the Guessing Game

2010 Foal Watch:

It is the end of March, and the 2010 Foal Watch and guessing game have started in earnest. 

While we dream all year long about the breedings (aka crosses) and the hoped for foals, in Spring we are constantly reminded that the foals will be arriving soon!!!

Each year, we play a guessing game…sometimes it includes who will deliver first.  But always, it is filly or colt, and what color coat.

Some definitions are needed here:

A foal is a baby horse.

A colt is a male baby horse.

A filly is a female baby horse.

A mare is a female adult horse.

A broodmare is an expectant, or delivered, mother horse.

A stallion is an adult male horse, capable of breeding.

When he is used for breeding, he is also called a stud.

A gelding is an older male horse, that is surgically unable to breed.

Some folks call any foal, of either sex, a colt.  This is not accurate, and leads to questions like: ‘Is it a colt colt? Or a filly colt?’  Answer…’the foal is a colt’.  Or: ‘The foal is a filly’…

So…now for the guessing game:

We have three mares bred, two to Sleipnir Echo’s Finale, a chesnut; and one to Sleipnir Sequoyah, a black.  The mares are: a chestnut, NEJ Golddust Alice (who is for sale by her owners, with or without the foal, see our Sales List), and two Black Chestnuts: Playday Rebecca, and NEJ Golddust Emma (her 2009 black yearling filly, Sleipnir Hiwassee, was recently SOLD).  Emma is blacker than Becca.

I will put up another blog about coat colors.  And you can also go to www.morganhorse.com to look at morgan coat colors.

Now to the guessing

I’ll guess that Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma’s foal will be a black filly.

I’ll guess that Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca’s foal will be a chestnut filly.

I’ll guess that Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice’s foal will be a chestnut filly.

I am pretty sure that that’s the order that they were bred…it is the order that they delivered last year.  So, if you want to guess on the birth order, that’s fine too…One hint:  Alice was last to be bred.

Please add your guess to the blog…or send us an email if you are shy…Email to: DenmanFam@aol.com

We’ll let you know the results as the foals are born.



2010 Morgan Horse Foals due

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this year’s foal crop. We are expecting three foals this year.

The proud parents to be are:
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x Playday Rebecca.
Sleipnir Echo’s Finale x NEJ Golddust Alice.
Sleipnir Sequoyah x NEJ Golddust Emma.

Sequoyah and Alice have a 2009 black colt, Sleipnir Smoky Mountain, nicknamed Smoky.  He is very leggy, and cute, and should be tall.  He could be a showhorse, or a terrific trail or driving prospect.
Echo and Becca have an absolutely gorgeous dark chestnut filly from 2009, Sleipnir Echo’s Celebrity, nicknamed Bree.   She is a class A National Caliber show horse prospect.  Named after our deceased special showhorse and family 3 generation riding partner, gelding, Sleipnir Selebrity.  They were both born on April 1 of their respective years.
So, we are looking forward to what they produce this year.

Sequoyah and Emma had a lovely 2009 black filly, Sleipnir Hiwassee.  Her barn name is Hiwassee, or Meadow, which is what ‘Hiwassee’ means in Cherokee.  Last year, for Sequoyah’s babies, we chose names related to our area of Eastern Tennessee.  Hiwassee has been SOLD to Mike Watson, who has admired our Morgan Horses for a long time, and has looked at most of the morgan horse farms in our Tri-State area.

Further Updates will follow as we get closer to the mares foaling times.