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Sleipnir Celestial Array has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (2002 – 2015)


Sleipnir Celestial Array


Sleipnir Celestial Array

(Hylee The Rage x Sleipnir Constellation, by B-L Rhinestone Kid)

2002 – 2015

Sleipnir Celestial Array crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today, here at the farm. He was tended to his very last breath by Dr. John and me (Georgia). And he is buried here on the farm…helped to his final resting place by one of the two kind gentleman who have buried most of our equine companions.

Array was an integral equine companion to all of us at the Farm.

While he did not go to all the major shows, that was our lack, not his. He had been trained professionally to Saddle…and had carried Western, Saddle Seat, and Hunt Seat tack.  He had been ridden in rings and around and about the farm and some trails by our young grandchildren, who were true amateurs; and off the farm as well.

Array was started in harness by Noel Jones, a well known carriage driving enthusiast, from a multi-generation Morgan Horse breeding family.

Array’s harness training continued with Travis Olinger, also from a multi-generation breeding and showing family, well known for harness horses.

and he was one of John’s harness geldings.

Array had also been a Champion In-Hand, pinning over multiple nice horses – stallions, mares and geldings.

Sleipnir Celestial Array‘s pedigree is on: www.allbreedpedigree.com   Type in his full name and click on Query…

Sleipnir Celestial Array,Travis Olinger, whip

Sleipnir Celestial Array,
Travis Olinger, whip

Array was still teaching us new things as we tended to his last day.

He will be remembered by all who knew him as a gentleman.  He followed in the hoofsteps of two of the most loyal, loving Morgan geldings ever:  his maternal Uncles, Sleipnir Valhalla and Sleipnir Selebrity.

I always say that on our farm there are three contingents of horses: Those NOT for sale…Those that we would sell, but that we would like to keep for our breeding herd…Those For Sale, because someone has to be…

We are so glad that Sleipnir Celestial Array knew that his place was here, and made sure that we knew it too.

He has joined the Guardians of the farm.

Survived by his dam, Sleipnir Constellation, and the Members of the Herd.

Photo Credits:

All photos by Elizabeth L. D. McGee, www.ImagesnMemories.com unless otherwise noted.

Email: ImagesnMemories@aol.com

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